You’ve Been Eating Low-Carb. Suddenly Glucose Skyrockets. WHAT’S GOING ON?

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Dennis Pollock, of Beat Diabetes, discusses the strange phenomenon of glucose rising suddenly, even when eating a low-carb diet.

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Cameron Long

  • My golf balls annoy says:

    👍🏿 have a blessed weekend

  • Wooden Nickel says:

    Acetaminophen (the stuff in Tylenol) raises my blood sugar.

  • Urban S says:

    I’ve experienced something like this during the last year when I moved to low carb and intermittent fasting; overall sugar is lower, but early on noticed that I had some steeper highs than I should have been getting eating just meat and cheese dishes. In my case, I discovered that I’m sensitive to caffeine, which tends to raise my blood sugar, sometimes by 20-30 points. So if you’re seeing high numbers and drinking coffee, even the bulletproof kind, lay off it for a few days and see what happens. I had to move to teas and half-calf coffees, and limit myself to like one cup of coffee a day most times.

    Another thing I discovered is that beans, even though they’re supposed to be good for diabetics, raised my sugar too. Even though its mostly fiber, the carbs in beans still raise my sugar pretty high if I have too much, so I had to be careful eating them as well.

    Interrupted sleep affects my sugar too; I’m bad to wake up for no reason at odd hours of the morning and not be able to get back to sleep, and my sugar is often higher than normal when I do finally get out of bed (right now, my normal range is somewhere in the 130-140s most days, increasing anywhere to 150s to 170s on sleep interrupted days).

    I’m wondering too if its partly just fat burning off and releasing some stored sugar sometimes, too. I’ve lost over 40 pounds this year, and sometimes, for a few days at a time, I just couldn’t figure out why my sugar was running high, then it’d normalize back down, seemingly with no reason.

    • Karen Ellis says:

      Some coffee brands make my blood glucose go up. No cream. Dr peter Osborne has some info on cross reactivity to glutens and other similar things. There’s also hidden glutens in mfg processes. He also sells a brand called Purity coffee that is tested for such things. It’s pricey but might be worth checking out.

  • Sara C. Tramble says:


  • Michael Yarmie says:

    Just tested.
    4.8 mmol/ L
    That’s 86.4. I’ve been battling for T2 for
    10 years.
    Also I haven’t had a cigarette for 51 day’s. After 44 years of hardcore smoking.

  • Elaine Hill says:

    I thought my progress was slower than what others here experienced. I lost 25% of my body weight and I think my pancreas and liver were busy keeping up with the changes. So I accept the slow progress because this is a lifestyle change made until the end of my days on this earth. Also, I feel absolutely wonderful! No aches and pains, no blood pressure spikes! Anyone that’s struggling…please please hang in there!

  • Rymal Kenton says:

    Thank you, Dennis.

  • Lin Steele says:

    I notice my glucose goes up if i exercise before eating, best for me is walking after eating

  • Yvette Schaerer says:

    I absolutely love your illustrations and stories.

  • M Ball says:

    Have you had a C-peptide test done?

  • Lynn Schmidt says:

    I’ve discovered that some food products I had been used to buying had changed ingredients like adding soy bean oil which causes inflammation in me. Meter tells me it makes a difference. So check on ingredients in your “go to” prepackaged foods.

  • Melissa Gail says:

    This same thing has happened to me. For the last couple of weeks my morning reading has been in the 120’s-130’s. But I’m still keeping low carb. Praying for healing!

  • Pauline Thompson says:

    I need to hear this!

  • Boostin says:

    Hi I am writing from Pakistan, Maybe the first guy is progressing towards T1D because his beta cells are eventually getting burned out, this is besides what you already mentioned ie fatty liver.

  • Pauline Thompson says:

    This happened to me last week! I went mostly meat and a small amount of veggies! The blood sugar finally went down to 6.5.

  • Pauline Thompson says:

    I got to 300 blood sugar just drinking water and fasting in between! After a few days it went down to 6.5

  • Ellen says:

    🥀🦃🥀 With gratitude, Dennis and Benedicta, just for being you (both as individuals and as a couple)! 🥀🦃🥀

  • craig Smith says:

    2 years in and my fasting glucose level is getting higher. 150 or higher every morning. My A1C has jumped up to 6.3 from 5.7. Been this way for 6 months now. Very disappointing. Hope I can get it to change. Gaining weight now. Heaviest I have been in 20 years.

  • Elritha Gregg says:

    I’ve been following your channel for some time now. Made some adjustments to my diet but wasnt consistant but in June when my glucose level spiked from in the 140s to the 200s, I knew it was time to take my health seriously. I cut carbs significantly, most fruits, cut out eating between meal. I checked my glucose level yesterday and it’s down to 102mg!!!!(lowest score ever). I thank God for directing me to this channel and I thank you for all the information you shared. Continous blessing on you and your beautiful wife.

  • Josie B says:

    I’ve been low carb for 3 years. It sure can be puzzling. My blood pressure went high one day. I assumed I may have been eating too much salt. I stopped everything with salt like cheese and bacon. My sugar started going high. I decided to fast. 24 hours into my fast my sugar was still very high. I had no idea what was going on. Then I saw a video on salt and they mentioned that salt is related to blood glucose. So when I added sea salt back in(too taste), my sugar came back down.

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