Your 401K is a SCAM

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Your 401K is a SCAM –

Name one billionaire that has a 401K…

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Cameron Long

  • @juliannawalker says:

    the amount of information on the internet (true & false) is overwhelming 😭😭😭😭

  • @Reppintimefitness says:

    Make that money
    Don’t let
    That money Make you

  • @springwellssw says:

    You have to pay taxes when you pull money from the 401k … Uncle Sam is not that generous lol .

  • @crypto_guapo says:

    I love Grant n Vlad debates

  • @carlu1822 says:

    i like real interview like this, where the talk are like human been.

  • @Cbus83 says:

    Did anybody watch Pinguinz0 video?
    This guy is a scam

  • @Raumance says:

    Vlad is so annoying. Guy cant just shut up.

  • @troubleman8732 says:

    Uncle G always giving free game. Pay attention ❤❤

  • @BillyGreen1920 says:

    my 457b is a roth version tax free at 59 1/2.

  • @jl-zz9zs says:

    The compounding you receive may be worth more than the fact you pay taxes. You also usually get 100 percent company matching on a portion of your contribution.. You also have roth 401k no taxes owed. You have a choice of contributing to taxable accounts as well. The stock market has returned way more than inflation over the past 10 plus years and thats just simple index funding. The argument against the 401k is an argument against the stock market in general. Grant just hates stocks and his personal thing. I invest with him too but his stance on the market is wrong.

  • @georgeabernathy6646 says:

    I’m glad you checked him G! Overtalking someone doesn’t mean you know what you’re talking about. I couldn’t believe that this fool was trying to go toe to toe with you on investment finances.

  • @rahmatullahww says:

    What is the best way to make money from crypto investment as crypto is turning around massively.?❤

    • @Happyinvention33 says:

      I think all you need is an expert assigned by a brokerage company that will trade for you and handle your capital professionally and give you weekly returns of investment without any extra fees attached

    • @Happyinvention33 says:

      Ms Anna Rodriguez, holds the credit of being crucial about the mrkt and also a knowledgeable Brooker to be proud of

    • @mayavictoria3851 says:

      Seeing a remark regarding my manager Anna Rodriguez is quite energizing. It was just like this when I first met her a few weeks ago. Having started with just 4k about 2-3 weeks ago, I have already made it to 21 k. She is very remarkable!

    • @Elizabeth-Bailey_ says:

      Goodness gracious I’m so excited seeing Ms. Anna Rodriguez been mentioned here also. Didn’t know she has been good to other people too, this is wonderful because I also started with a Youtube referral like this

    • @user-dh6hy8iw6j says:

      Guys, you’ve just made my day! I’ve lost so much money on my own. How do I reach her please?

  • @ryanheaton8742 says:

    No investments is worse.

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