Cameron Long

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    Your videos are really informative, thank you!πŸ‘€

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    How do you prefer to spend your free time?πŸ’

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    This is a good message for the youngsters. I had a gangbanger i met one time growing up in the city. Short story at the end and conversation that started when i had all red on and he thought i was banging, i just liked the 49ers i told him and we had a respectful conversation and at the end he said keep your head high shoulders out. I had no male role models to teach me to be a man. I was 15 he was probably like 20, words can change a stranger’s life in ways you will never know, i thank him wherever he is…..but to this day i walk in anywhere commanding the room…
    The masses want to be like everyone else, find you. I love unique people, it shows your creating your own narrative.

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    Head always held high ❀

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    Im a smiler and love sharer in Christs name

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    Shared On X.
    Thank You!

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    Thank You Stephen!
    Keep Investigating.
    You Will Only Find Good.

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