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What are your thoughts on college?

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Cameron Long

  • @CensoredSheepChannel says:

    If she gets educated in the financial sector she will be successful, skilled mentors are better then teachers

    I don’t see often teachers becoming businessman, it’s the other way around businessman teaching different skills

  • @CensoredSheepChannel says:

    Think about implementing AI , that’s the future

  • @pplcajason says:

    Expand the mind. Not just be a one trick pony. Life is more than making money.

    • @AdityaKaul-dm8fk says:

      So go thousands into debt for that mind expansion? A world tour will expand it way more and cost a fraction of college. The value of college beyond stem professionals is in the toilet.

    • @SuperRkstar says:

      Joke of a comment 😂

    • @pplcajason says:

      @AdityaKaul-dm8fk  i don’t entirely disagree, but these comments usually come from people who simply can’t handle the responsibilities and challenges of college. There are other ways to pay for college. Scholarship, employer, grants, military service…

    • @pplcajason says:

      @SuperRkstar  usually said by the mentally lazy. There are other ways to pay for college.

  • @ivanoganesi6962 says:


  • @NexusCapital says:

    I think I’ll just let my daughter be a little girl

    • @LoveandGrace says:

      Absolutely. That’s very very important. It can be cute to see children that are evolved beyond their age but It is very important to remember to let them have a childhood and be a child. It can be traumatic later in life to miss that.

  • @florencethompson4161 says:

    Just. Lol

  • @j.s.3414 says:

    “I’m gonna just get handed wealth from you daddy…you’ll make it look like I worked for it, but really I’m just getting a handout because of nepotism.”

  • @jacobfuller9532 says:

    That’s some expensive validation

  • @dr.dylandelorenzod.c.8271 says:

    I went to college and got my doctorate and it’s awesome, I absolutely love what I do and I’m great at it!!

  • @andyO4you says:

    Did he mention Harvard?

  • @abbsgarage.9676 says:

    When you’re not struggling you can actually go further. In life. Not just financially.

  • @lindabishop9407 says:

    Oh Dad! She melts your heart!

  • @JulianMedina-ug2bu says:

    I can help get her into Harvard for free

  • @forblianonym9642 says:

    She is a precious person.

  • @Ihnatenkov says:

    🙌🔥learn more from successful people be with you,then from broke school teachers.

  • @Grantwallacemailacortaija says:

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