Why Diabetics Get Shaky at Normal Glucose Levels

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Dennis Pollock, of Beat Diabetes, discusses why some diabetics feel shaky at normal glucose levels – plus he shares how a man dropped two foods and lowered his blood sugar from 200 mg/dl to 115.

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Cameron Long

  • @Beethechange1 says:

    A question on one of the main channels, cannot remember which, spoke on the subject.

  • @sidcjr says:

    This man is on point. Awesome information that he is sharing. What a great blessing that you are, keep up the great work. Giod bless you.

  • @zenane2012 says:

    Greetings from Ethiopia. That was really helpful. Thank you, Dennis.

  • @colleenbaptiste98 says:

    In my early days of going lchf I had that experience….. now my normal FBS is in the 80’s evening BS in the 90’s and feeling great.
    Blessings Dennis ❤

  • @geraldinefields1730 says:

    Thank you.

  • @sarac.tramble290 says:


  • @nicksvisiontohear says:

    Could the person be shaking at a normal level due to stress?

    • @GerbenWulff says:

      I think it’s the insuline resistance. This leads to low glucose levels in some of the cells.

  • @glasswinder says:

    It’s working for me 🎉🎉 my A1c was 7.4 and this check was 6.3. I’m excited about that. My sugar has started to be in the 130 levels at bedtime and staying there or lower throughout the night. My weight was 225 this morning that’s down from 245, I’m excited 🎉🎉 thank you for helping the us Dennis.

  • @videoproboston2450 says:

    It’s taken me a bit to get used to having lower blood glucose, but now I feel great and have no desire to go back to sugar and carb freakouts. It’s actually kind of fun to find new ways to make things that mimic other foods I used to eat.

    My only issue (not sure it is because I can’t seem to get a clear answer) is the dawn effect…I think. I’ve gotten myself to being under 100 each morning as soon as I get up, but by the time I get to work a couple hours later I rise into the 120s maybe higher then by 10:30 near 100 or under.

  • @Crimepaysaskapolitician says:

    5.6 is a average blood sugar of 124

  • @kathym6603 says:

    35 years ago my doctor said to give up sugar… so I did. But it took 25 years more to learn that bread was sugar and so are all the white starches. Getting to food truth is a tricky road but Dennis and Mike the meter keep you on the road.

  • @nancyballard8666 says:

    Blood sugar sure can seem fickle at times. I had eaten well during the day, and not much yesterday . I had more carbs than usual when we were out for dinner (I gave away the rice that came with the meal) and expected a high number on Mike when I got home from my meeting. It was 96. I think the fact that I hadn’t eaten any other carbs throughout the day made a difference, plus I walked and was active all day.

    I keep changing my thinking and keep making better choices regularly, and it is making a difference.

  • @joehuber9168 says:

    Thank you Dennis means allot

  • @retrogirl9089 says:

    Very interesting! I never had a problem with feeling shaky, I actually feel better when I fast, presumably when my blood sugar is low. I have way more energy. (I was diagnosed with Type 2 about 2 years ago.) My colleague at work tried intermittent fasting, and she definitely feels shaky if she doesn’t eat. Her bloodwork came back as pre-diabetic about 6 months ago. I was never someone who loved sweets, so I wonder if that has something to do with it. I don’t get the sugar rush that other people get either. I don’t know, it’s interesting how every body is different!

  • @crysdavis7815 says:

    If it was not for you Dennis i would be on pills,but you sir put me on the straight ..I take no diabetic meds …thankyou for your videos…i say to any one watching this …low carb and hardly any sugar your a winner

  • @warrenlucier5796 says:

    I found something which may help those who have a problem getting through a long fasting; I do a 38 hour fast. I tested my glucose level when I did this and didn’t get a rise from it. I cut up 2 kosher dill pickles (no sugar) and an ounce of high fat brick cheese. Like anything you consume the testing needs to be done and I consumed this @ 24 hours into the fasting. Hope this helps someone if they have a problem getting through a long fasting 🙏👍.

  • @TheAngelin2000 says:

    is true, the theory is that if you eat fewer carbs, you will eat more meat . but is wrong. if you don’t eat fewer carbs, you will eat less meat because you will be less hungry. The carbs make you hungry. carbs turn to sugar and your’ pancreas. will produce more insulin. insulin makes you more hungry This nurse told me, that at the hospital, many seniors will not eat their food. so they will give them insulin in the IV. and then the food, band, will disappear. they got hungry.
    that is why I lost weight and my doctor. said what going on. i been sick for many years, and everything is down. my A1c, my weight . i told him I was on the keto diet and on every visit he told me no way, that i could eat my rice and beans. now my last visit. my A1c is 5.4. he told me your not a diabetic anymore. The same thing, I’m on a keto diet. he says I don’t believe it, keep it up.

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