Cameron Long

  • @mohamed-alisafa340 says:

    Thought it was justin trudeau

  • @salravioli says:

    This guy works for Putin.

  • @craigbradford4850 says:

    Why was that not the case last time? Or the time when Obama beat McCain. Or, when you said the same thing when Obama beat Romney?

    • @Tylermac221 says:

      we didn’t question Obama’s cognitive ability to be President

    • @craigbradford4850 says:

      @@Tylermac221 Did not Faux News air people question him winning Arizona? Carl Rove. Didn’t Faux News for months say Obama couldn’t beat Romney?

    • @Tylermac221 says:

      @@craigbradford4850 that’s your fault for being dumb enough to listen to fox

    • @unaffiliated_x9279 says:

      Take a friggin look around! Everything is falling apart. This isn’t good for anyone, especially those that are without.

    • @craigbradford4850 says:

      @@unaffiliated_x9279 Why don’t you take a break from Faux News and social media for a month. It would be good for you.

  • @sunshineman5640 says:

    So if the person you disagree with wins the system is broken, this is why we are laughed at , fucking ridiculous

  • @WVMcGhee says:

    “Democracies are only good if my side wins.” Said putins english mouth piece.

    • @sumcarson says:

      putin’s english mouthpiece? Tucker is quite wrong on this regard but that is just straight conspiracy and speculation

  • @pierrelouisslavsky1938 says:

    He knows exactly what he is doing they put him there for that !

  • @dannovikoff8454 says:

    That’s how you know not to take this guy, seriously. “Either my guy wins or the other guy cheated”

  • @Bigdm95 says:

    Couldn’t have been better said by Tucker

  • @josephthomas7035 says:

    From a self made black man,it has gotten super worst

  • @user-qo9qx4wg2r says:

    I believe he is saying what they are paying him to say . I don’t really think he prefers a Dictatorship over a free country , and if he does , he’s not as smart as I thought he was . A true patriot would never vote for a Dictatorship ! 😮

  • @ithinknooneshome2451 says:

    Vote Kennedy 2024

  • @neon_light5608 says:

    Definitely not true. Power can be held in the wrong hands that is not automatically give up weaknesses of said power.

  • @CuongNguyen-xf4gi says:

    Phuker Carlson is a joke😂😂😂

  • @eddieforrest973 says:

    Vote anything other than trump if we want to keep a democracy a vote for trump is a vote for autacracy

  • @GirishVenkatachalam says:

    He got it right

  • @perceptionascending439 says:

    Anyone else agree Americans need a strong government leader?

    Personally I would say General Michael Flynn should be President

  • @douglasderainville766 says:

    The golden bird that’s at the top of the flag poles, one body to wings where she flies, she rules, all Roads lead to Rome

  • @jherb says:

    Blah blah blah

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