When You Can Say These 4 Words – You Beat Diabetes

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Dennis Pollock shares the four powerful words that indicate that victory over diabetes is in your future.

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Cameron Long

  • @mballer says:

    Exercise, go for a walk after dinner.
    Reduces carb spikes.

  • @victorbaez3688 says:


  • @tamarahamdokh4063 says:

    Hello, wanted to know, been checking my blood sugar..not sure whether to take the hour and a half or two hours as it fluctuates, some cases I see a spike after one and half hours and sometimes at two, please،. Should I be scared if it spikes at an hour and half and it is pretty good at two hours..I really started even on month one, very strict..even did intermittent fasting, lost weight..

  • @fredblogsmac.5697 says:

    two coffees and cream, then after 6. pm and nuts and a milk dinner or meat, sometimes eggs and greens

  • @SuperJules57 says:

    Hi Dennis, I live in England, I was diagnosed with diabetes last August just before my 70th Birthday, I did not take any meds as I told my doctor i want to try diet first, I went on line and found your channel! What a god send! The doctors gave me my own “Mike the metre” with strips and I get them when I run low which I don’t have to pay for, my first A1C was 10 ! I have stuck with the low carbs and no sugar! Well things are going great! I’m now in the 5s! And once in a while I get to 4.9 ! I don’t eat meat but I eat fish ! I eat just 2 meals a day, I do not snack! I have lost 25lbs in weight! So all I can say is THANK YOU ! 🙏🏻

  • @sarac.tramble290 says:

    Thank you

  • @johnglad5 says:

    I’m gettin there. My first bg of 98 in the morning. Omad. The battle continues. Thanx and blessings

  • @janete3872 says:

    So most are diabetic and on meds but you’re saying you can’t do time restriction if on meds? Please explain.

  • @tamarahamdokh4063 says:

    Hi again Dennis, I really meant checking my bs after an hour not an hour and a half seems to be higher than after one and a half or two ..which one should I take into accord, was diagnosed in November with 6.5 no meds and been very strict thank you for your videos..not sure at this point where I stand as far as how far I am progressing but been working on it taking your advice and by God’s grace will succeed..

  • @zenane2012 says:

    Greetings from Ethiopia. That was very helpful. Thank you, Dennis.

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