When Discovery Channel TESTED MY SKILLS #shorts

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#shorts #money #motivation
When Discovery Channel TESTED MY SKILLS –

This was the most intense challenge of my life.

Cameron Long

  • ineedmondayoff says:

    I thought an RV and a truck were not considered assets.

  • Juhefe KURE says:

    Tf is he even talking about

  • Tu Long Le says:

    So you made money doing arbitrage..selling something that isnt yours.

  • Tu Long Le says:

    If your sales guy blamed covid for falling short of their own sales goal, how would you react? …From a business owner standpoint point.

  • white horse says:

    That was an amazing show

  • MMAGrinders says:

    He failed the challenge the business is a nothing burger now and not even close to being worth $1 million.

  • K G Pavan says:

    1975 5 piece do u want or no

  • Florida Man Construction says:


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