Cameron Long

  • ernest krauss says:

    Sorry a million isn’t alot of money in today’s time. Just saying

    • nooneremarkable says:

      Yes, it is. It’s not as much as it used to be. But to say it’s not a lot of money is plain stupid.

  • David Phones says:

    Ah yes, the grant cardone before the ridiculous fake accent.

  • Andrew Gautreaux says:

    Enough money to earn PASSIVELY less inflation and taxes to be equal or more than the money I’m actively earning now. For example, if I’m making 600k yearly now, I’d probably need to have about 10 million dollars earning 15% interest. That would leave me with 800k annually with an inflation rate of 7% and after taxes, I’d be making a little more than 600k PASSIVELY. If my IRR is less, I’d have to have more than 10 mm to retire comfortably, and if my IRR is not exceeding the rate of inflation, I’d never be able to comfortably retire.

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