WARNING: This Is When The Banking System Will Fail (Date Revealed)

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Cameron Long

  • Jake's Custom Partz says:

    Awesome… thanks George… outstanding analysis.

  • Seeker Erebus says:

    Holy crap, never seen you be so exact on anything. Must be serious.

  • david wolfel says:

    Hey George! Thanks to everything you do to help the “average Joe and Jane”. Thought I’d click that like and leave a comment in case YT decides to pull the plug. 😉Stay well and safe sir! ✌

  • Luke Jones says:

    Love you my guy! Thanks for sharing all the great thoughts and observations that run through your mind.

  • Jonathan * says:

    You forgot to talk about bail-in’s. As in, banks being able to take from their depositors.

    • Bilyonare Lifestile says:

      they will just extend the program

    • Brussel Sprout says:

      I don’t think so. And if Jamie Dimon isn’t taking that risk nobody should.

    • Billy Butcher says:

      Bail-ins could still be on the table, I agree. Blockchain/digital wallet accounts at banks are “investment” accounts no longer “deposit accounts”. Basically making bail-ins from “investors”.!!

  • Rick D says:

    Isn’t the answer simply that the government or rather the taxpayers will end up bailing out the Fed, so in the end public services will suffer

  • Kevin Hathaway says:

    Shouldn’t the Fed remove the ‘mark to market’ requirement so that banks could carry the value of the bonds on their balance sheet at the purchase price?

  • Crypto-Sam says:

    very insightful… my theory for a while now since 2020 has been the FED are desperately trying to keep going until CBDCs are fully rolled out… once that has been done THEY will flip the switch and over night there can never be a bank run and therefore the banks will be “protected” against consumer demand on their money… and thus any power that ever remained with the consumer will be taken through oppressive control mechanisms like social credit score systems and geo price restricting through 15 min districts.

  • Dennis Yurconis says:

    I used to be a drunken sailor and at my worst i was more responsible than the federal government

  • michele dolgovskij says:

    wow…..I am learning more from you than I did in my entire college education. Thanks for shedding light

  • Mario says:

    “The guy who has the huevos!” 😂 Man, how smooth you slided this inside a serious topic, deserves a prize on its own!

  • Goodheavensto Murgatroid says:

    Ok, George, so my question is this: assuming no bail out on March 11th, where would you recommend the typical, oblivious man on the street (that is to say, myself) have his money by March 10th? Surely not in bonds? If you were going to try to throw a dart to hit the target of what the stock market is going to do when this failure eventuates, what would that target look like? Thanks in advance for addressing this question in a future video.

  • voltart says:

    Few people understand the intricacies of the ecosystem like George Gammon. Another great video!

  • rinkuuu 2.0 says:

    institutional buying into ARZ99X could totally break the cycle and the peak expectation of end of 2025 will likely spectacularly fail to appear. If the last double peak was odd, the next one will catch most people out again.

  • علي علي says:

    Im fully into ARZ99X and ADA, simply huge potential and the technology became better

  • abhay says:

    Been stacking a lot of ARZ99X and cash after DCAing a bit this year. Will buy more at least around the November December lows and below

  • Jonathan Lee says:

    thanks, your whiteboarders are always helpful for explaining how the parts work within the whole👍

  • Wilkins Micawber says:

    George you are the only YouTuber who argues his hypothesis to the finest detail.

  • Antonio Vittorio says:

    Hello George and thank you a lot for your very interesting and informative videos especially the latest ones about the Swedish central bank and the Fed. I appreciate and share your analysis about the risk of insolvency which central bankers are facing right now. Nonetheless, my question to you is : WHAT IF THE SWEDISH CENTRAL BANK OR THE FED JUST BUY NEW BONDS IN THE MARKETS BY PRINTING MONEY AND THEN OVER TIME, LITTLE BY LITTE, REDUCE THE GAP BETWEEN THE CURRENT AVERAGE INCOME OF THEIR ASSETS AND THE CURRENT AVERAGE COST OF THEIR LIABILITIES ? Of course, this could impact negatively the CPI depending on the amount of money to be printed, but this seems to me the ultimate “tool” for saving the central banking system from going bust. Have a great day 😀

  • Seth Goldberg says:

    “Powell raised interest rates for treasuries collapsing their value”

    don’t blame Powell for raising interest rates, blame him for keeping them artificially low

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