WARNING: The Fed Can NOT Prevent A Recession (Here’s Why)

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Cameron Long

  • jeff price says:

    Our country has become a nightmare good luck to all you decent people

  • Matt K says:

    Everything you say is completely true. But with many people on the sidelines in cash people are ITCHING for thos rate cuts to dive all in. We are going to balloon way up before we crash again, I wish it weren’t true but it is.

  • Marvin Madlangbayan says:

    The FED has a perfect record for creating and enabling recessions

  • Dan B. says:

    Great job! Thank you, George.

  • Weihan Xingqi says:

    Outstanding analysis from George Gammon. This is true textbook material.

  • Jim Furr says:

    No money supply (loans) = no spending (discretionary) = no growth (recession).

  • Edwin Smiths says:

    My greatest concern is how to recover from all these economic and global troubles and stay afloat especially with the political power tussle going on in US. The government has really called things more difficult for its citizens, and we can’t sit back and bear all the consequences of the bad governance. We need to take our financial life serious

  • Stephen Suter says:

    Really enjoying your explanations – I’m learning a LOT!

  • Ricardo del Zealandia says:

    If banks don’t use federal reserves, why do their mortgage rates follow the reserve interest rate?

  • Tim Campbell says:

    This man is like the bob ross of economics

  • Jake BC says:

    The things corrupt gov does are not funny however I get a smile everytime George laughs at how desperate the lies are. Take care.

  • Caleb Hartley says:

    Been watching for a couple years. Keep up the great work.

  • Anthony Ferris says:

    Next question. How much do our governments control? Not as much as we think, but they sure do react.

  • Gonçalo Veiga says:

    George, love the white boards videos but it seems to me that the overall conclusion of the video fell a little bit short of expectations. Do you mean to say that the FED is irrelevant and who is in control is the bond market? If so, how can we operationalize this knowledge and profit from it? Wait for a stock market crash once the yield curve uninverts completely and the 10 year yields starts going up?

    Also, I think it would important to understand why banks don’t want to issue loans. Is it because the risk of default by the borrowers increases due to the loss of purchasing power due to inflation?

  • Jimmy Nox says:

    Anytime you do one of these planned videos. It is so good. You are an excellent lecturer.

  • Michael Haller says:

    You forget one thing George: The government can start paying for armaments in different countries, and pay for immigrant hotels, and pay for more “free” pharmaceuticals, and pay for government loans at “special” low, low interest rates…kinda like the big house builders, and pay for free needles in the downtown areas, and pay a government stipend for all the people displaced by A.I., the possibilities are endless. Oh, the politicians also get big “donations” from the big corporations after the corporate feeding frenzy.

  • requiett says:

    The market may ultimately set rates but the fed still largely sets the “mood” of the market. It made me think of the relationship between a cattle rancher and the cattle. The rancher can try to goad them one way or another, but if something spooks the cattle and they start to stampede, those ranchers can’t really do a thing.

  • Jay Hay123 says:

    The original question for the first society was “who will suffer the toil?”. The brilliant system of capitalism came along to replace slavery. They said ” let those with incentive suffer the toil. They are happy to. ” And now you have drilled down deep enough to understand what money really is: incentive for labor.

    If it was any more complicated than that, the Federal Reserve would have more than just two mandates: stable prices and maximum employment. Money = incentive. Anything else is a disguised form of slavery.

  • Kody Gautier says:

    George dropping bombs.. another amazing video. Enjoy your weekend!

  • john schweers says:

    the new mantra should be “don’t listen to the FED’ rather than “don’t fight the FED”. Great job, George

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