Tucker Carlson VS Vladimir Putin #shorts

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#shorts #success #motivation
Tucker Carlson VS Vladimir Putin –

Have you guys seen the interview?

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Cameron Long

  • @petemancuso5188 says:

    Tucker carlson sent his kids to boarding school. I hope they keep you in Russia

  • @tomwyrsch9271 says:

    If Carlson likes Russia so much. I’d like it if he moved there. And he loves a dictator.

    • @ziggiesaquaticexotics8270 says:

      Your ignorance is showing

    • @tomwyrsch9271 says:

      Then why did he get fired from fox news. All his lies led to that. Sounds like you need to go live with a dictator. Or you just want trump to handle that for you.

    • @bluesoul7163 says:

      That’s rhe dumbest argoument someone can say… if you like Ukraine move there, if you like Tawian move there, if you like Israel move there, if you UAE move there etc etc…

    • @boboso7238 says:

      His message went straight over your head. 😂

    • @vittoriascopelliti8396 says:

      When people don t know what to say they use this argument

  • @toddduncan8230 says:

    No crime 😅

  • @brandoncellura6456 says:

    Ehhh… the term Potemkin Village comes to mind. Keep in mind almost no one from Moscow Oblast was drafted to go to Ukraine. Go to Khabarovsk and tell me the same thing.

    • @Electricfabric says:

      Idk I was born in America and then lived in Moscow up until my teens (I’m a dual citizen) and my Grandpa got a militarization letter for me while I was attending university in the US. I really want to go to Russia to visit some really old sick relatives but I’m worried.

  • @tabletopwarrior says:

    You have gaslighted so many people you’re believing it yourself

  • @nickparkins3658 says:

    Get yourself a nice cosy home there .. bye

  • @juan.A5805 says:

    Agree with Tucker.

  • @luiscaballero1207 says:

    Of course not you are a puppet

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