To Reverse Diabetes – What Science Tells Us: EAT MORE of these 5 FOODS.

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Dennis Pollock, of Beat Diabetes, shares, from Dr. Mark Hyman's writings, what the science and the research tells us about the foods to eat and the foods to avoid, in order to lower blood sugar, and reverse diabetes.

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Cameron Long

  • @robertwilliams3322 says:

    Good information Sir
    Thank you DENNIS ❤

  • @rickthain8538 says:

    I love Dr Hyman and Dr Ludwig. I listen to these Dr’s and do most, not everything they say. They both had things wrong in earlier videos, even trying vegan. They lost me at that, but have both come around to our way of thinking with low carb, moderate fat and protein. I also incorporate OMAD or 2MAD. My weakness is chocolate and nuts after my meal.

  • @kurakuson says:

    A nice good chunk of good cheese is most satisfying.

  • @oldroscoe2590 says:

    Cut>paste ….. On average, a person uses about 10% of their daily energy expenditure digesting and absorbing food, but this percentage changes depending on the type of food you eat.
    Protein takes the most energy to digest (20-30% of total calories in protein eaten go to digesting it). Next is carbohydrates (5-10%) and then fats (0-3%).
    Thus, if you eat 100 calories from protein, your body uses 20-30 of those calories to digest and absorb the protein. You’d be left with a net 70-80 calories. Pure carbohydrate would leave you with a net 90-95 calories, and fat would give you a net 97-100 calories.
    – Several more things, maintaining body temperature in cold weather, amount of exercise, amount of what we eat that is not digested. Living things are truly amazing, food chain stuff, all the bio-systems and how the energy from the sun is transformed to me typing this.

  • @cupoverflow2786 says:

    ❤❤❤Talk aboat Dr. Mark Hyman’s Book as long as u want to!!! You are helping a lot of Diabetics!!! ❤❤❤

  • @despicableandproudF.T.W. says:

    I eat massive amounts of eggs meat and butter every day. My weight stays the same.

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