This Man Dropped His A1c 7 Points in 6 Months!

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Dennis Pollock, of Beat Diabetes, interviews Alan King. Alan was a severe diabetic with an A1c of 12.9! Amazingly he saw a 7 point drop in his A1c when he changed his diet.

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Cameron Long

  • Elaine Hill says:

    To everyone that may have consumed too many carbs on Thanksgiving yesterday: Today is a new day…move on and do better!😊

  • Angel Shining DJL says:

    If i wasnt so sensitive to dairy id have alot more things i could add. I do ketovore mostly cause i still eat greens which carnivores don’t do. My meds aren’t working real good so might have to go to meat and water to bring numbers down. I was eating some carbs over last month. Even soup can send it to 300. Glipizide not working real good. I don’t know how people are doing metforim, gave me poos for over a month and i finally said no.

  • Ellen says:

    🥀😉🥀 Alan King’s doctor responded to the reduction of his A1C from 12.9 to 5.9 with the following statement: “Well, that’s the way you do it!”…That brought tears of joy to my eyes 🥀😀🥀 Mr. King is a quiet, humble man with a powerful testimony delivered in a gentle manner 🥀👌🥀

  • Johanna says:

    So glad Mr. King was able to quickly control his diabetes after such a high A1c. Would like to know how Mrs. King is doing as well.

  • Random views says:

    Low carb all the way

  • JxT1957 says:

    i lowered my a1c from 6.1 to 5.3 in 6 months and just got done pigging out on thanksgiving carb laden food including apple pie with whipped cream and ambrosia salad. will go back to low carb diet now.. until maybe christmas dinner 🙂

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