This is what happened when my DAD DIED #shorts

insulin resistance, diabetes, blood sugar, weight loss

#motivation #success #shorts
This is what happened when my DAD DIED –

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Cameron Long

  • @daniellenard2872 says:

    That’s Kentucky not Louisiana

  • @kleinkbkayb5369 says:

    Prepare yourself for disappointment, and you’ll turn disappointment into an asset.

    • @CensoredSheepChannel says:

      Failures happen, disappointments happen, what I can control give 110% we live in a system where sucking toes get you far then the determined person putting it all in

      🤷‍♂️ why would I act fake to be recognized when that’s not me and forget about “feet fetishes” , you confront anyone with truth ohh your intimidating , just because I’m silent doesn’t mean I’m stupid, no mind games , be straight forward we get along

      Keep reading books 😉 the brain needs the right fuel to function

    • @CensoredSheepChannel says:

      Asset : paycheck to paycheck living in freezing conditions

      Gee isn’t life in UK great? 😅

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