Things KIDS DON’T NEED TO KNOW #shorts

insulin resistance, diabetes, blood sugar, weight loss

#motivation #success #shorts

I hope your kids don't ever find out about these things…

Cameron Long

  • @poterror says:

    You’re supposed to teach them about money at a young age too. Leave it to Conservatives to think learning is difficult.

    • @worldtraveller3819 says:

      Because they don’t want their kids to learn anything period. They equate learning to brainwashing.

  • @nextlevelnick9339 says:

    Thank you Grant! Common sense!

  • @MindBenderMav says:

    My 4 year old knows about money I’ve been teaching him all about it honey. How much this and that cost and that he should make money 💰 if he wants stuff

  • @MrErock7 says:

    Maybe better to teach them about love and compassion

  • @franciscocabral802 says:

    Kids should be taught about sexual predators though.

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