The TRUTH About Video Podcasting – Watch Before You Start a Video Podcast

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Video podcasting is hot right now, but before you learn how to start your video podcast as a beginner, please watch this video to cover some info you can use to make sure you don't waste your time, or money.

Video podcasts aren't for everyone, but when done right, they can add a lot of value to your brand and help you build your audience much faster.

0:00 Introduction
1:23 A Quick History of Video Podcasts
2:45 Why YouTube and Podcasts are Great Together
4:07 Benefits and Warnings About Video Podcasts
5:47 Turning Audio Podcasts into Great Videos
6:19 Turning Video in Audio Podcasts
7:16 The Micro-clip Strategy

The #1 Podcasting Tutorial on YouTube: (you can use this to get your audio setup correct, and just add video on top of that)

Sony ZV-1: (this is the camera I use more than anything nowadays to keep things simple, compact and lightweight. This is great for video podcasting).

5 Surprising Things about MKBHD:

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Cameron Long

  • Spanish and Go says:

    Hey Pat! Loved the tips. This definitely gets us thinking about how to better utilize our podcast for YouTube. We’ve thought about creating a separate channel for the podcast (Learn Spanish and Go), but sharing some video clips with select guests might be the better option on our main channel. Cheers! -Jim

    • Pat Flynn says:

      A separate channel could work for the full version. Thomas Frank does this for his main show, it won’t hurt but it’s an additional channel to pay attention to and manage which could add up to more time that could potentially be spent elsewhere.

    • Spanish and Go says:

      @Pat Flynn Thanks for the reply! I dig Thomas’s work. I’ll have to check out his podcast channel for inspiration.

    • Spanish and Go says:

      Hey @Emanuel Sanchez! Cool! Feel free to shoot us an email. I’d love to hear about where you’re from and what your podcast is about. We can see if it’d be a good fit. spanishandgo dot com slash contact. ¡Un saludo desde Puerto Rico! -Jim

  • Darin Eubanks - Kingdom Bringer Podcast says:

    Thank you Pat for all of your amazing content. You have been so inspirational to me in my podcasting journey. Love what you do. Blessings.

  • Bo Skitsko - Stay Sore Fitness says:

    Thank you for the great tips Pat. I’ve started my own podcast 2 months ago and I just uploaded all the videos to youtube. But now after listening to this video I might start just smaller clips to YouTube to make it more digestible. Thank you again for the great info brother 🤙 #StaySore

  • Jess Larsen says:

    Pat this is great. Our innovation and leadership podcast is almost at 100k downloads a month and we are right in the middle of planning our YouTube launch so I can’t thank you enough for making this video.

  • Kipper says:

    Thank you!! This is EXACTLY what I’ve been wanting to know about for a while now. I have a YouTube channel and want to start a podcast. I just couldn’t fit the puzzle together as to how to do a video podcast that’s optimized for both platforms. And you solved it!!

  • Robin Pokorny says:

    We’ve been recording a monthly podcast for few years now. In 2020 we experimented with live-streaming it. And while that was fun, we saw three things that made us stop and focus on audio only.
    1. We did not attract many live viewers.
    2. Those who watched live could ask questions and it was probably more fun for them, but for the rest (listening to recording) would suffer.
    3. Number of view the video later got was also low.
    It’s points you also say, it’s interesting to see how we came to similar conclusions.
    I like the idea with 3-5min bits, might try that, thanks!

  • Greg MacDonald says:

    Wow, yet another brilliant, digestible how-not-to-waste your time and money from easily the best resource for anyone wanting to podcast. Thanks for the generosity, Pat!

  • The Jethro Podcast says:

    Time well spent. Thank you Pat Flynn for this amazing content. Just got into the podcast space and I am using my phone for now. My podcast is all about self help and self improvement and I am going to apply this knowledge to this Youtube channel.

  • Jennie Elizabeth says:

    Hi Pat! Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of information with us! My daughter and I are starting our podcast really soon, so this info is gold. She is a Fitness Coach and I am a Life Coach. We are so excited! Our podcast channel name will be Yap Theory. Thank you again!

  • The Astrology Podcast says:

    Starting to offer a video version of my podcast episodes after about 5 years of only doing audio is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It ended up doubling my listeners, both due to adding new forms of discoverability on YouTube, but also because some people just prefer to watch video and will *only* tune in if there is a video version. So it is kind of a no-brainer if you want to double your audience.

  • Ryan Holtz says:

    Hey Pat! Your original video tutorial on “how to podcast” is where I learned. We are now one of the top podcasts here in Canada! Love this idea of micro-content! Thanks for all you do Pat!

  • Bernie Chats says:

    Great info Pat! Thanks for putting this together. Just going into phase 2 of my video podcast project and will be taking your ideas into account. Keep up the good work!

  • WILKSWORLD says:

    Thank you so much Pat! As always, you’ve saved me time, money, and a lot of frustration. After 61 episodes of the Derate The Hate podcast, I am just starting to gain some traction and build my audience. I am wanting to do more on YouTube and was about to do exactly what you said will do damage to the channel. I will be working on putting together the snips of interviews rather than the whole things. Thanks again, you’re the best. So grateful for what you’re doing!!

  • Xander & The Smasher says:

    Pat, this was great! Thanks for these really easy to follow pointers that helped me understand some potential solutions for obstacles i was a little intimidated by but couldn’t even quite describe. This helped bring some clarity! Keep it up.

  • Travis Fellows says:

    Thanks Pat! I recently started the “Explore the Everyday” podcast with a friend of mine and we had discussed adding a video element. Now I understand why we shouldn’t just upload the full episode! I think we are going to think about uploading short segments to grab viewers’ attention and link back to the full length audio podcast.

  • Kayfabe Karl says:

    I think think this is massively going to help me going forward. I started to notice i wasn’t getting much watch time and such on my full interviews even though i try to make them last around 20-30 mins max. I’ve toyed with the idea of just posting snippets instead and it feels like that is going to potentially work better for me

  • Don of all Dons says:

    Hey Pat just discovered you today and love the information that you provide for beginner podcasters! A buddy and I have started our own podcast (called Parent DisApproval if anyone is interested) and we are mainly an audio podcast, but we have video recorded every episode. We were going to drop entire episodes on YouTube but thanks to your advice I think we will end up dropping video segments. Appreciate all that you do!!

  • Alice Turner says:

    This was the guidance that I was looking for! Thank you again Pat for answering the questions that have been swirling around in my head for weeks. 😀

  • Siblings Spilling Tea Podcast says:

    Excellent as always Pat!
    We want to do video as well, but we felt it was right to do audio correctly first and foremost.
    We’re still learning and making progress everyday!

  • Stephen Brown says:

    Thank you for your excellent tutorials and advice. I’m a HS teacher and we are starting a podcasting club. I was asked to spearhead the endeavor despite knowing absolutely nothing about podcasting! In a short period of time you’ve brought me up to speed. Something you said about being specific with you content got me thinking and I plan to start my own podcasting discussing a little known but potentially debilitating inherited condition from which I suffer. I did a search and the only thing I have found are podcasts put out by universities and researchers. I figure I have the potential to attract a quarter to a half million who suffer from it in the US.

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