The TOXIC STATE of MEDIA | Megyn Kelly & Grant Cardone

Megyn goes in ( And she goes in hard) on how the media and society have been dividing America on our culture and how the media has impacted her life. She talks about Trump, Putin, and other topics that are hot in American politics.

Let me know what you thought of this interview in the comments below.

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Cameron Long

  • Marc Ritchie says:

    Class lady

  • Anditesh Ordo says:


  • namestrictlyclassified says:

    He who controls the medis, controls the minds. Grant should start his own news channel.

  • Artus Hammell says:

    She was never the same after Trump dunked on her 😂 I’m only watching this because of you Grant

  • Jim Fletcher says:

    Megyn speaks her mind and I respect her for it. Anyone saying she is just another right wing conservative is not listening. Both the Dems and Republicans speak their poitical rhetoric to keep us divided. We must open our minds to what is truth vs. political regardless of our personal philosophies. I firmly believe most of us have more in common no matter what our personal political persuasion.

  • Palm Beach Customs says:

    2 Awesome Communicators Bravo!


    Mannnn this was on fire! Impressive

  • Igor Prosenik says:

    GC: “Wouldn’t Putin have to get approval from Biden to invade Ukraine?” –>What?!

    GC also: “I have fish, want some?”

  • Isaiah Noll says:

    I love you Uncle G! Kelly is a great speaker

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  • Drey says:

    Good stuff man *grant voice*

  • SinatraOfficial says:

    This is awesome!!! 👏🏽 Great work Grant!

  • Lawrence Collins says:

    Always great interviews !

  • Charlene Yacavone says:

    She’s back to her senses and I love it!

  • Mike Rouse says:

    Kelly, Grant, great interview. Kelly you’re amazing!!

  • Dan Kohan says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Grant. It’s important for individuals like us to have our voices heard and make a positive impact in our own ways. 💪

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  • craig fleming says:

    She’s such an amazing person!! You go girl

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