The Relationship between MONEY & FREEDOM | Grant Cardone, Dan Fleyshman & The Real Tarzann

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MONEY WILL BUY YOU FREEDOM | Grant Cardone & Dan Fleyshman w/ Special Guest The Real Tarzann –

Grant Cardone joins Dan Fleyshman and Mike Holston (The Real Tarzann) on The Money Mondays Podcast. They review all things Real Estate from Apartment Buildings to a 4-Plex, Single-Family Homes, Renting Vs. Owning, etc.

Cardone has over $4 Billion Assets Under Management, primarily multi-family real estate and is stressing the current opportunity of a lifetime happening right now in real estate.

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Cameron Long

  • Капатыч says:


  • NSR Programmer says:

    First to comment… Love Grant

  • NSR Programmer says:

    Man 80k a year in Uganda u r super rich

  • NSR Programmer says:

    Never improve your lifestyle until your passive income can fund it

  • NSR Programmer says:

    If we all make more money we make it a better country

  • NSR Programmer says:

    Put your 80k with 10 other people then do $800k deal

  • NSR Programmer says:

    32units a perfect start

  • NSR Programmer says:

    Find scale, good location, hold on as long as u can

  • NSR Programmer says:

    Question is how much money does one need to do a 32unit deal

  • NSR Programmer says:

    How do u make your kid a write off as a company owner?

  • NSR Programmer says:

    One thing i love about Grant, his principles work even when u r in a third world country like Uganda. Coz most of them don’t really depend on the benefits of being in USA

  • NSR Programmer says:

    Grant capital is not using debt anymore, well that was a new statement

  • Oneblessedman says:

    This is my guy.Telling people the real.

  • Sherri Coffman says:

    GoodMorning Guys! 💛 🕊 🌅 ThankYOU 4Sharing !!! 💛 MuchLove!!! 💛 NO wrestling Snakes 🐍 but they were paying big money 4 that here – not my cup of tea ☕ ☕ Coffee Please N Cheers Lol 😆 N True Dat on kids fam etc Crappy Ola 💩 TryN2BeNice Until later – need more Java ( coffee) Lol 😆 😉 😜 😊

  • Swisha651 says:

    Grant thanks for helping and motivating all of us.Bro I have six figure in my bank I’ve been desperately trying to find multi unit and create drip Nothing I found Minnesota has reasonable drip with the rates and high purchase prices.Any advice on what I should do?

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