The Power of Lobbying: Unveiling Big Money’s Influence on Government – Andy Tanner

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In this episode of the Cashflow Academy podcast, host Andy Tanner engages interviews journalist and author Brody Mullins about his new book, 'The Wolves of K Street: The Secret History of How Big Money Took Over Big Government.' Mullins shares his insights into the evolution of corporate lobbying in Washington D.C., detailing how largescale corporations have gained significant influence over government policies to the detriment of public interest groups.

With stories ranging from the drafting and unintended consequences of the 401k section to a lobbyist-engineered $2 billion stockpile of Tamiflu, the discussion illuminates the intricate dynamics between lawmakers, lobbyists, and the electorate. Mullins and Tanner also dive into changes in the political landscape, including the shifting reliance on corporate PAC money and its implications for future legislative priorities.

00:00 Introduction
04:08 The Evolution of Journalism and Its Current State
07:29 Diving Into 'The Wolves of K Street': Big Money and Government
12:51 Government Efficiency and Regulation Challenges
16:22 Monopolies, Innovation, and the Future of Competition
19:58 Understanding the Scale of Government Lobbying
21:45 The Evolution of Lobbying Tactics
26:34 The History and Impact of Lobbying
28:38 The Power of Education and the Role of Lobbying in Legislation
29:48 Unintended Consequences: The Story of the 401(k)
32:52 The Impact of Lobbying on Public Policy and Legislation
41:44 The Importance of Education in Understanding Government and Lobbying


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    Corporations wouldn’t lobby if government didn’t have the power to give them anything. The corps goal is to make money and what better way than to make money from gov. It’s no coincidence the richest counties surround DC

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