The First Step to Beat Diabetes – Don’t Cut Those Carbs!

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Dennis Pollock shares the very first step toward beating and reversing diabetes.

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Cameron Long

  • @kathym6603 says:

    I told someone yesterday that the first step to getting off the vegan diet he was using for diabetes is learn from you (Dennis Pollock) how to use a glucometer; and I gave him a few links from Beat Diabetes! I was 24 hours too early to give him this video.

  • @emh8861 says:

    Fast food or processed foods always raise my sugar high . Even if they don’t seem like they have a lot of carbs or sugar.

  • @nomicucce987 says:

    For the first time in years-maybe 12 years- my fasting glucose level was below 100 today. I’m shocked tbh.

    • @nomicucce987 says:

      I’ve been testing for months. I just cut bread and pasta. I make myself almond bread. Once a week I let myself have boiled-cooled-roasted potatoes. I eat legumes. So I didn’t cut out carbs. I let myself eat bulgur once a week. The reason I didn’t completely cut out carbs is because I don’t want to lose weight at all. I started this a few months ago and like I said for the first time in years I woke up in the 90’s. I’m truly shocked. I don’t know what to say or think.

    • @carolcole570 says:

      @@nomicucce987. This old lady must apologize to you this morning, because I am really clueless as to what you just said. I THINK you are saying that you like your weight, so you chose to only ditch two items. Other than that, you are still eating high carb. Right ? And are you saying that by just ditching two items, but continuing to eat high carb……that it is WORKING for you ??? Will you please elaborate for me ? Thank you !❤️

    • @nomicucce987 says:

      Sure. Here’s the thing; I’m already slim so I don’t want to lose weight at all. The other thing is; I tried eating meatballs every day and I liked it, but my cholesterol went up:/ So I decided to have meat 3 times a week. The most important thing like Dennis said is to keep testing yourself. Everyone is unique. I tried the boiled-cooled-roasted potatoes with meat and then I tested myself and it was ok. So I decided I could eat potatoes once a week. Test yourself. What works for me might not work for you. I always have eggs in the morning. It works for me. Trial and error. @@carolcole570

    • @nomicucce987 says:

      I’m not eating high carb. I’m doing low carb mediterranean. But it’s definitely not no carb.

    • @carolcole570 says:

      @@nomicucce987 Got it ! Thank you !

  • @jpennturner says:

    I can tell carbs are bad for me by how I feel, no energy, lethargic and needing the bathroom repeatedly. I am so glad to have found your channel, my doctor was telling me to cut fats and eat wholefoods like brown bread, brown rice etc.

  • @jameskantor0459 says:

    @Dennis , testing after meals is really good advice. My last HBA1c was 5.5 % thank you.

  • @VioletBloom says:

    This is very, very good advice! I did this for several months at the beginning of my journey. As of 2024, I am 17 years off of diabetes meds! I was on Metformin as well as Humulin and Humalog. 17 years in, my A1C runs 4.9-5.2. It CAN be done, but carbs have GOT to be monitored!!!!! ❤🎉

    • @stephanievaladez5286 says:

      Are you off Metformin now that your A1C is in a good range? Or will you have to stay on metformin in order to keep A1C low? Just curious. Thank you.

    • @VioletBloom says:

      @stephanievaladez5286  nope, 100% Metformin and diabetes meds free since 2007! It took a year of losing weight and changing my diet (cutting a LOT of carbs) but I did it. I can eat carbs now, but I keep them lower than everyone I know to stay off meds. It’s worth it!!!

    • @bilalkarim12 says:

      @@VioletBloom can u share your contact I need some advise on A1C ?

    • @VioletBloom says:

      @bilalkarim12  do you have an IG?

  • @ellen9579 says:

    🥀🥰🥀 Take a month to invest in yourself and do the following: 1. Take your glucose level pre and post meal using a glucose monitor… Write it down. Take Mike the Meter’s advice on which foods to eat… 2. Insulate yourself from folks like me and trust Mike for one month…3. You will learn how foods directly affect your body; which foods spike you h lk glucose level…4.Motivation will suddenly appear in you! 🥀😜🥀

    • @ironrose888 says:

      My Mike the meter has an app. It connects by Bluetooth with my phone. In the app it records the meter readings. You specify if it’s before or after a meal. It has a place where you can jot down a note. I felt dizzy and weak….or felt strange…. Went out to eat and cheated. Some notes to jog the memory. The memory doesn’t work like it used to.

  • @colleenbaptiste98 says:

    Oh yes I totally agree, it took me one week of finger pricks before and after meals to understand how my glucose reacts to various foods. And I ate every kind of food, afterwards I made one of the best decisions of my life.
    Keep up the good work and a happy New Year Dennis and Benedicta 🎉

    • @JohnSmith-fl5qn says:

      Tell us about your experiments
      Some foods and results

    • @marysimon says:

      What decision did you make? No carb or low carb?

    • @colleenbaptiste98 says:

      @@marysimon I went LCHF it wasn’t easy however with a family history of diabetes, the other choice was medication, I didn’t want that.
      It’s been about five years now. I recognized this as a carb/ sugar addiction and I needed to treat it as such.
      By the way check out my interview with Dennis

    • @colleenbaptiste98 says:

      @@JohnSmith-fl5qnbe glad to, I did an interview with Dennis about two years ago in Feb 2022. As he recommended I wrote everything down before and after sometimes 1,2,3 hrs after eating depending on what I ate. I checked out the ADA and the A HA websites they each recommend different numbers for one hr post meal so I chose my own number, I’m radical 😊, 130 was my number,
      When I began I had 369 fbs. I’ve been in the 80’s and 90’s post meal and below 120 1 hr after meals.
      Some times I do crazy stupid things and end up paying the penalty, this addiction is real. After 5 years of LCHF I’m still learning, beat thing is I’m not on medication, I came off BP medication and I lost weight, these are great side effects.

    • @JohnSmith-fl5qn says:

      @@colleenbaptiste98 please sent link of your interview

  • @IQTech61 says:

    I feared your brain had blown a gasket but then I remembered the advice I have heard you say before: Keep eating as you usually do but test to see how the food affects you. Knowledge of how an apple affects your blood sugar is a far more powerful motivator than fear and it is motivation that will last. I think that is brilliant. Wonderful!

  • @yippyskippybazoomball says:

    I attend my parent’s doctor visits with them now and am really surprised by how little info is given regarding keeping their diabetes under control. It’s basically take these pills and don’t eat excess sugar. No wonder why so many have a hard time regulating it. I only wish that I could have intervened sooner.
    I think they did have some nutritional info through the senior center at some point but they probably didn’t remember it or really understand it anyway. I’m sure oatmeal was highly recommended as a replacement for froot loops type of service anyway.

    • @jobrown8146 says:

      I didn’t realise that carbs turned into sugar and I imagine that there are many people who are unaware of this fact. Just telling people to reduce the sugar isn’t very helpful when there are many other foods which become sugar in the body. Once I understood that carbs are just molecules of sugar joined together and are broken down by the body it helped me make better choices.

  • @williamberliant8145 says:

    Mike the Meter is the best teacher out there, and you absolutely need to join his classroom. 5 years ago, when I started, with a morning reading of 258 (I was on four meds at the time), I began the Dennis Hamburger diet (3 days only Hamburger, no bun). Mike told me that my blood sugar fell 80 points, and Mike has been my teacher ever since. Now my morning blood sugars are 92 to 98, no meds. Thank you, Dennis. Thank you, Mike.

  • @user-eq3dw2pv2n says:

    Great advice! I took your advice, Mike hasn’t lied once to me since. I’m watching my A1c finally hit 6.0. I still have lots of work to do, but success is its own motivator. Thank you Dennis, you are an amazing teacher.

    • @jobrown8146 says:

      What was your A1C before that? It’s helpful for people to know the before and after numbers. After I was diagnosed I watched a lot of videos but didn’t know if I could trust what they were saying. It was reading the comments from people telling of their own experiences that encouraged me to try low carb to see if it would work, and it did.

    • @user-eq3dw2pv2n says:

      My A1c was 7.4. I had complications with Neuropathy in my feet. The pain was unbearable. Sleepless nights, and a doctor wanting to put me on insulin. I refused, I knew I had to do something. I had been reading for years that diabetes was reversible, but my doctors did not do anything but increase or add more expensive medications. I started searching You Tube, found Dennis Pollock (Beat Diabetes!). Started following his advice, within a month I sent a message to my doctor to reduce my most expensive med (Trulicity) by half, he did. I used, Mike the meter daily. Watched my Blood sugar go down, the morning test always high 200 + started going under 100. I am excited to say, things are not perfect but vastly improved. I have been doing this since July 2023. My goal has been to be part of the 5’s club Dennis mentions. I’ll know get there.

  • @marilynpeppers1356 says:

    So…my husband is a numbers guy. He did try this…checking blood sugar before and after eating different foods. After seeing the actual numbers, and feeling the actual results of eating lower carb foods, he has started to choose the lower carb choices on his own!

  • @dragonofhatefulretribution9041 says:

    From what all the carnivore doctors and scientists are all saying—the carnivore diet is the way to go for all diabetes sufferers.

  • @janewaring2913 says:

    Thank you Dennis. I did exactly this last week after getting yet another gout attack. I’ve got a CGM and been on a low carb diet for a week now and numbers are already coming down.

  • @mcdonnellpadraic says:

    I have to thank you Dennis. You set me on the road to recovery. I now eat basically zero carbs because I was tired of testing.

    • @ironrose888 says:

      I still do a fasting blood sugar in the morning and random tests. Sometimes I don’t feel well and need to find out what is going on with my blood sugar. Sometimes after exercise my blood sugar will be high or it drops.

    • @jimmyhvy2277 says:

      @@ironrose888 Hard exercise will make your Liver pump out Sugar .
      Light exercise should keep your sugar low . like a nice walk . Try it see What Mike the Meter Thinks .

  • @ironrose888 says:

    I used to be vegan and was a big fan of Dr Bernard and Dr McDougal. My blood sugar were bouncing up & down like a toddler having a tantrum. My vision was getting blurry and my feet had pins& needles sensations and numb.

    I found out that my blood sugar was very high and went low carb. Then, every now and then I would miss one of my favorite meals, like oatmeal. I would test myself before and after the meal. Shocking! After the oatmeal, my blood sugar was 300! No wonder I was gaining weight and needed a nap after every meal. I would also see what happens with the scales the next morning. Shocking 😮

    Now I’m following a low carb diet, my blood sugar is lower. Today my fasting bs was 98. I have been doing intermittent fasting and have lost 25# so far. Mike the meter keeps me honest and I have to take care of myself. 😊

  • @rosindamartin1716 says:

    Thank you for all the honest information you give me. My A1C is in normal range for almost a year now. My diet has drastically changed. I’ve lost 80 lbs since I was told I have T2D. I declined meds and opted to reverse it naturally. The doctor was reluctant to help in any way. No useful information was provided from the provider to help me with this. I prayed and asked God for guidance. I looked it up on Google and your channel popped up. I watch your channel and gain new knowledge. I thank God for his Devine intervention and showing me that there is hope. Thank you for your support and education on this topic.

    • @caroleanne8529 says:

      You might want to ask God to lead you to a new doctor. It is the doctor’s job to help you and if you were diagnosed with T2D and doctor did not provide any information, he/she is not doing their job.

  • @deedee67888 says:

    I am sharing this with my husband. I’ve been trying to get him to cut the carbs, but nothing has worked. Telling him that he can continue to eat the way he has been (meals are some low carb, some high carb), but checking his blood sugar with a CGM I just got for him, may be just what he needs.

  • @lexevans8729 says:

    I’m new to diabetes and in less than a month my fasting blood sugars have gone from 240 to 149.

    I’m only 32 years old and I honestly thought my life was over when I got the diagnosis (A1C is 11.6).

    I work as a medical interpreter so I immediately knew how terrible my A1C was and I truly couldn’t see the light from that deep well of depression I had fallen into but then I found you.

    I can never repay you for the hope your videos have given me. I’m two months away from my next hemoglobin check but I’m confident that I will beat diabetes now.

    Thank you so much for the love you share. I hope more people can find the light you shine on the world 🙏🏽✨

    • @mary-janechambers3596 says:

      Amen! Keep your carbs lower and watch your A1C drop below 6! Let’s hear your results in 2 months.

    • @mary-janechambers3596 says:

      Also if you can take a 10 minute walk after each meal, that has proven to lower you A1C

    • @lexevans8729 says:

      Thank you! My spouse had heard about the 10 mins of exercise as well! I’m trying to be more consistent with that but I never miss my 30 mins of daily exercise

    • @garyhiland6013 says:

      Hi Lex. We are all happy to celebrate your progress; please keep it up. And get back to us when you get that next A1C. Be encouraged and encourage others.

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