Cameron Long

  • @raymond_rnt says:

    I love spending my Friday night with a good whiteboard video!

  • @prbmax says:

    If everyone owned an equal amount of gold, everyone would have less than an ounce of gold.

    • @joefuentes2977 says:

      Yeah I heard gold was rare or something

    • @silasbullard831 says:

      ​@@kiltedsasquatch3693What is rhodium good for?

    • @JFEnterprize says:

      Yea but isn’t this based on every human in the world. 😮😢 I wanna know about 2nd and 1st world people. Not some people who can’t afford to even buy a bottle of water

    • @dentaloouch9464 says:

      @@JFEnterprize exactly…. as for rhodium… rhodium and maybe uranium…try to keep it at home we will see what happens

    • @jmanakajosh9354 says:

      We all have something better than gold it’s called a cell phone. Data, technology & energy are the gold of the 21st Century.

  • @bepnds says:

    Dollar is going down in gold. All the currencies are going down in gold. The dollar is falling the slowest. Wait until they all figure that out and want only gold.

  • @adrianaybar7483 says:

    George you’re so in depth in your analysis that you’re completely disregarding a simple variable. Those other nations you are speaking about are even more reckless than the US when it comes to their monetary policies which is causing the US dollar to increase in strength when compared to them. If the dollar was truly gaining strength, the goods and services we are buying in the US would be getting cheaper… they are not.

    • @Derek-Trotter says:

      No ones more reckless than the Americans, they just don’t pay the price…yet.

    • @dentaloouch9464 says:

      yeah…dollar will never collapse… our currency is betterer….said a Roman Soldier.. all fiat fails. we can be sure of that

    • @benmagp7 says:

      no no those mega rich companies want a weak dollar so they can get richer

    • @benmagp7 says:

      it is a race to the bottom all over the world and we ppl are losing

    • @JM-vf8tk says:

      Goods and services being cheaper have nothing to do with the USD and everything to do with the U.S. outsourcing their industrial plant over the last 50 plus years. If the U.S. is able to re-industrialize over the next couple of decades along with the help of Mexico and Canada then the price of goods and services will eventually come down.

  • @unacceptablebilly1689 says:

    That’s why prices in the states are dropping and gold is getting cheaper. I had it all wrong all along.

    • @nicholasmendezdelvalle8770 says:


    • @Happy369sol says:

      This video sucks and thought 💭 George would give a macro view of what’s going on he basically is saying get out of USA 🇺🇸 and enjoy the domination of the dollar 💵 nothing to worry about here the dollar is the best place to save your money 😂do you have any banks that I should save my U.S. dollars 💵 in I was thinking Bank of America 😂

    • @11Bravo84 says:

      Third world countries always get it right 😂

    • @pogo_369 says:

      it’s because your gov laundering money through wars in ukr and isrl

  • @cv3174 says:

    So basically great for everyone to own dollars but Americans? Lol

    • @jmanakajosh9354 says:

      It’s also great for Americans who choose to travel.

    • @victoryaurima8320 says:

      Earning dollars and living in another country is a nice advantage (varies from country to country of course).

    • @deezeed2817 says:

      @@jmanakajosh9354 Americans don’t even get annual leave thus they can’t even benefit from their imperialism overseas. I did see alot of American tourists in Japan and Thailand though but i think their economic system is good at keeping them trapped inside the empire.

    • @flinch622 says:

      Fed ego trip: maintain reserve currency status or bust! The fact it helps foreign policy hacks buy off a foreign government or two could be motivation as well. It may also be worth noting the first [defacto] secession was the creation of DC – now a territiry, and was at some point part of Maryland. For over two centuries, anyone residing there knows little of the US: policy [monetary and more] is bizarre because that place… is a bubble.

    • @standinginthegap7118 says:

      That’s why I’m retiring outside the US. I think for the next couple of decades it’s best to think about global currency rates and use that to our advantage. The world is crashing and burning but the dollar is in first place… for now.

  • @alexmarshall8894 says:

    George Gammon the great fiat bull😂

  • @geoffmcarthy7314 says:

    Dollars act like gold except in America …got it

  • @dznuts123 says:

    George, you can’t just cheery pick examples to fit your narrative. Go visit East Asia. Your narrative breaks down on its own.

  • @stevehall9256 says:

    If your dollar delusions cause you to starve, that’s your business. Spreading faulty logic is damaging others

    • @jmanakajosh9354 says:

      People eat food not gold.
      Food they buy in dollars.
      Food made with trackers sold in dollars.
      Tractors running off diesel sold in dollars.

    • @stevehall9256 says:

      @@jmanakajosh9354 not for much longer. Wise up

    • @therealcirclea762 says:

      @@jmanakajosh9354 You absolutely can find farmers and ranchers who will be happy to exchange for PMs…. you know…where the REAL market dwells. This idea of “valuable fiat” is a pure delusion of two things:

      US Global Hegemony through Reserve Status (We flooded the system with unsupported fiat)
      A misunderstanding of the difference between enforced utility (fiat) and actual utility (“store of value.”)

      But if that seems too “meh”, how about this?

      If “nobody wants my gold” what “store of value” does it possess?

    • @matthewthurn says:

      Agreed. This was a disgracefully misleading video.

    • @jeremydean6210 says:

      @@matthewthurnwhat was misleading?

  • @billwashington2014 says:

    George, you forgot to mention that the government created “legal tender” laws in the United States. That’s the only reason why gold and silver coin isn’t currently used as lawful money. Regardless, Article I Section 10 says that only gold and silver coin shall be money for the payment of any debt. That’s according to the Supreme Law of the Land and anything to the contrary, notwithstanding (Article VI).

    • @nigewoy says:

      When the dollar finally becomes worthless, people will soon work out how to trade in silver and gold. They’ve done it before, for eons, they’ll do it again, regardless of what the government may or may not think.

    • @belkismorales152 says:

      What Constitution? Because it is not the Supreme Law in the USA lately…

  • @hongseok2 says:

    This video will age well 😂

  • @1kings1918 says:

    If only the central banks buying tons of gold had seen this video first.

  • @rigorocks23 says:

    Forget the dollar. My savings is in precious metals

    • @josho6038 says:

      Lmfao…u are going to get creamed

    • @davidzoller9617 says:

      I live in Indonesia, and I use both. Imo, going all in just one thing is always risky. Should there be a severe recession coming, cash will be king, just because you need cash to buy things, and most people wont have any.

  • @richardlove4287 says:

    People will need to start pricing everything in Troy ounces if they want to get the real world value on things.

  • @4hartrich says:

    And after what we did to Russia why would anyone want long term savings in US bonds

  • @FrmTheFlmzIRise says:

    Those other countries have been sold on the dollar. They got suckered into it too. In time they will realize metals are the real money. Just give it time, it’s coming. The dollar keeps declining, gold is increasing and is doing so while being suppressed. Gold has been money for thousands of years, the dollar can’t compete.

  • @Therearealwayshiddenagendas says:

    I still can’t believe that 98% of people still don’t realise their currency is losing value. 😂. Once the masses realise, gold and realestate will go on a HUGE run

  • @greyballer1671 says:

    You make a good point. Until the dollar crashes. Then my local grocery owner will take gold or silver. Right now, he doesn’t know anything about gold or silver.

    • @therealcirclea762 says:

      There are those in rural areas now who will accept it for exchange for everything from several gallons of milk to a side of beef.

    • @OrbTheCritic says:

      I predict that the digital dollar will be revalued once it comes out. Silver may make a comeback in retail trade, but Gold won’t–at least at the micro-level.

  • @123man371 says:

    The guy should be a politician he will get tons of Americans to vote for him

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