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This is hands down the dumbest thing you can do with your money today.

Cameron Long

  • @WhamskiBam says:

    Dude, u made millions off of your LA mansion, which was your house

  • @legacyopp9318 says:

    Exact opposite of what d.r. says. 10k millionaires had paid off their house.

  • @sidhantmaheshwari9850 says:

    Rent a house till age 40 or till you achieve financial freedom

  • @leroy30 says:

    Unless you’re loaded, buy your FIRST home while you’re still in your early twenties. Rent out the other rooms and make it an investment. Then forget about it and go and invest in other things like he says.. yourself, a business, etc.

    A home is the easiest way to get your first little bit of leverage, and if it appreciates (e.g. you can make improvements to it), you get 100% of the upside even if you only put 20% down.

    Grant knows this. He uses leverage too.. just on a massive scale.

    But I think the point he’s making is you need to think bigger, and realise that just one house will actually cost you more in the long run. If you’re living in it, it’s a liability rather than an investment. HOWEVER, we all need a liability to live in whether that be renting or buying

  • @blacklyfe5543 says:


  • @askeldouglas421 says:

    But you don’t own the land ,just the property,the Queen own all the land in the world 🤔🏨🏬🏫🏪🧱🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  • @CensoredSheepChannel says:

    5 K £ would you put your money in the bank or invest in real estate?

    • @itisshoe8437 says:

      I’m not Grant but I can guaruntee he’d tell you either invest it in your current business or save it until you have enough to invest in making a business. (real estate counts as a business!)

  • @dazporterz1282 says:

    So let me buy one of ur apartments where u get all the benefits lol you are advertising for urself 😂

  • @davidstuckey2407 says:

    Buy a home as early as possible. My 1st home which is paid for has doubled in value. I can cash in on that at any time.

  • @ciggityliggity7039 says:

    Well my 35k dollar house in 2014 is now worth 220k so I’ll say yea if your smart it’s a good investment

  • @davit_gabrashvili says:

    For all those people who didn’t get it, there is a difference between the house you live in and the house/apartment you own as a rental property

  • @Buy_YT_Views_561 says:

    Love your channel . It has become a part of my daily routine

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