The Best Live Streaming & Recording Software for Mac (ALL-IN-ONE)

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I've gone live over 1000 times across several platforms, and this is, by far, the best all-in-one solution for live streaming and recording videos I've had access to.

You can also record podcasts and bring in guests, too. I'll show you how!

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πŸ‘‰ Elgato Stream Deck (32 button):

Other Stream Deck options:

0:00 – Intro
1:10 – How to Go LIVE
3:50 – Record Video and Audio (without going live)
5:04 – Invite Guests for an Interview or Recording
7:20 – Using Ecamm for a Webcam for Zoom, Discord and More
9:31 – SCENES
11:31 – OVERLAYS
13:35 – Elgato Stream Deck (the Buttons)

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Cameron Long

  • @mindsetofthefew says:

    I’m first Patt! πŸ˜ƒ

  • @MarcusOSullivan123 says:

    Hi Pat, I am considering using the Mackie DLZ Creator, RCP II or the slightly different but similarly priced A&H CQ-12T for our church conferences where there are only 3 mics used and its pre-recorded. We have a sister church overseas in New York (Im from Ireland) and we would like to have the choice of bringing them in as a guest into our church here in Ireland the odd time. Some body else looks after the in house sound in our church using a TOA A-512U mixer amp. Any thoughts? God bless, Marcus

    • @DocRock says:

      I have both the DLZC and RCPII they are basically the same but I use the DLZC as my main and travel with the RCPII for doing events like Card Party. You can’t go wrong with either and now they are same company. One advantage of the Mackie is bigger screen for vintage eyes. πŸ˜‚

      Both work perfectly with Ecamm and a large part of our user base uses Rodcasters. (I work at Ecamm πŸ˜‡ hence the tiny cameo on the leap partπŸ˜‚)

    • @patflynn says:

      Thanks for the support Doc!

    • @MarcusOSullivan123 says:

      @@DocRock I’m just surprised with the amount of people I hear returning their DLZ Creators for a RCP II instead. Then to make it all the more harder to choose I have people recommending the Mackie for live events etc.

    • @DocRock says:

      @@MarcusOSullivan123 I been in the audio game for nearly 40 years. I would say there are some nitpicking or following their favorite creators advise. Unless you have a very weird or specific use case 80% of the population won’t notice a difference. Pick a spot with a 30ish day return policy and get one and use it like crazy for the first 21 days or so and see if you fall short. If so swap the the other. This is one of those you need to pull the trigger on and ride with it vs listen to others. Hope this helps.

  • @AskYvi says:

    Love love love ecamm!!
    I never even go into a zoom without my ecamm virtual cam.

  • @TheTacticalBarrage says:

    You can’t stream on twitch and youtube anymore.

    • @DougHewsonYT says:

      What is your limitation?

    • @patflynn says:

      Says who? I literally just went live on YouTube the other day, and can see Twitch streamers streaming as we speak.

    • @TheTacticalBarrage says:

      ​@@DougHewsonYT It appears the problem is I misread the section. Twitch content creators who have signed an exclusivity agreement with Twitch aren’t allowed to simulcast. I thought it applied to all streamers.

    • @TheTacticalBarrage says:

      @@patflynn It was the Twitch content creators who signed an exclusivity agreement. I thought it applied to all streamers. thanks for the correction. I will work on some more twitch/YouTube cross-over content in the future now. thanks.

    • @DougHewsonYT says:

      @@TheTacticalBarrage Ii thought that’s where you might be coming from. I believe they changed that late last year. The new CEO making more creator friendly decisions. For me, I stream at will πŸ˜‰

  • @TheAgentBeats says:

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  • @PrestonJensen says:

    I was a subscriber in the past. It was a good solution, but if you are recording locally it definitely looks like a streamed event. Choppy frames and video not always synced with audio. I’ve never liked the subscription based model for the consumer side. However, I totally get why a company would use that model. The overall user experience was lacking a bit. I feel like they were really close to being a fantastic solution. I am excited to see what direction they go in the future! I’m also interested to see how the user experience with a software like streamyard would compare. I am also excited to see how FaceTime on Mac’s will improve over time. With the new updates it looks like they are adding a lot of great features built into the iOS. Thanks for the video!

    • @patflynn says:

      Thanks for the honest opinion and assessment! ❀️ it’s definitely improving leaps and bounds, excited for the future too!

  • @AdrianCastro-fCMO says:

    @patflynn – not sure if you noticed that your audio and video don’t synch up properly??? Was this slip in post production? What happened? I’m evaluating streaming/recording software currently. I certainly don’t want to get this synch issue on my videos…

    • @patflynn says:

      It may have been a tad off in a place or two due to screenflow, which I used to edit. It’s been finicky with a couple edits and it moves entire timeline arounds without me knowing sometimes it seems. Grrr!

  • @tonsepai says:

    Is this only for Macs? Or for PC Win world too

  • @denver_video says:

    Thanks Pat! I’ve been a fan of Ecamm for a bit but just grabbed the Stream Deck. The shortcut keys for scenes and overlays have always been a little challenging. Much appreciated! TJ

  • @adrian-defi says:

    Omg yes please, Pat.
    Tried OBS, Riverside, Loom but none of them was reliable or had all the features I needed.

  • @stevegibxon3886 says:

    Hi Pat thank for this. Can you use it for coaching webinars as per Zoom? Eg where you can see attendees, bring them into view, answer questions etc

  • @fabienb says:

    Published 12 hours ago… so exactly when I cancelled my subscription because I couldn’t justify the Β£400/y anymore. Are you trying to hook me back? πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… The ways of marketing these days…

  • @stevenreid_youtube says:

    This tutorial is fantastic! You broke down everything so clearly, from using different camera angles to adding overlays and scenes seamlessly. I can see how these tools can really elevate our live streams and recordings. Looking forward to implementing some of these strategies in our future projects. Great job on explaining.

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