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Tucker Carlson shares some insights of what the US Government did to him when he Interviewed Vladimir Putin.

Watch this before it gets taken down…

Cameron Long

  • @irafael8080 says:

    Is Cardon going for President.????

  • @BKXX says:

    Bummed I missed this part of the show.

  • @melodydavid2816 says:

    Let’s watch it before it gets banned

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  • @Howdoisee says:

    Love this dude

  • @jamesleggat6875 says:

    Full video?

  • @richardmatthews7489 says:

    On the payroll

  • @richardmatthews7489 says:

    Moscow today is the benefit of previous years of capitalism

  • @richardmatthews7489 says:

    @4:21 his kids are gonna be great! 😂

  • @FahadAli-qq5wb says:

    Same thoughts 💭

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  • @Paul1965ish says:

    Excellently communicated!!!

  • @FilipWinter says:

    So what part of this was banned and where? Putin was not to be seen either #confused

  • @SilkBath says:

    Refreshing to hear Tucker rant.

  • @lashamartashvili1769 says:

    Grant, you’re really good when it concerns the sales, wealth generation and investing in real estate. Politics is not your strong side definitely and it will be good if you stay away from it! Tucker Carlson made a terrible mistake, when he went to Russia and interviewed Putin. Russians showed him a renovated places and now he talks to us how great the Moscow is. But in fact, if you move away just 20 miles from Moscow, you’ll see in what terrible conditions people live there. Tucker turned into Putin’s propagandist and Vladimir Putin is a Hitler of the 21st century. Can you imagine any mass media representative interviewing Adolf Hitler at his residence in Berlin back in 1943? That’s how weird it looks when famous American journalist praising Putin and his regime in 2024.

    Being conservative in America and disagreeing with the policy of current democratic administration of White House should not make you blind and turn you into Putin’s supporter 🙂

  • @DiscoverMVP says:

    Tucker the philosopher

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