The #1 Problem With HOMESCHOOL #shorts

insulin resistance, diabetes, blood sugar, weight loss

Grant Cardone explains the pros and cons of homeschooling his two daughters, and WHY they decided to do so.

#shorts #homeschool #parenting #children #education

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Cameron Long

  • @natnat_o3 says:

    Heโ€™s a fantastic parent

  • @CuriousDils says:

    L Ron Hubbard huh. Thatโ€™s all I needed to know.

  • @brandonavery8080 says:

    I almost liked this till L. Ron Hubbard.

  • @m.j.mcintear793 says:

    Can you imagine him with a son? No. It’ll be baby jack from the Incredibles

  • @irishnurhd3288 says:

    Oh….. oh that where this was going….. yeah I’m good

  • @dougmarcusinkc says:

    Talking about idiots and being confused, which I agree but then you let them learn from a person who was very confused in L Ron Hubbard.

  • @EricTronicEP says:

    As soon you mention Hubbard you are as mentally ill like the people you called out ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • @ipthc420 says:

    Social and social media aint the same thing… To me.. speaking for myself

    • @censorsstarve says:

      Exactly. It’s easy to be very active on social media and engage people. But in person it might not be. Just look how brazen alot of people get online but in person most would never talk to you directly like that. I know I bite my tongue more in person. But I also have a track record of being a very vexing person.

  • @RyanMartinMagic says:


  • @wolfdrayvus101 says:

    This guys smoking dust

  • @aPastelDragon says:

    L Ron Hubbard? Loooooooook… Sir….in the mirror…..

  • @d4rmthai.e536 says:

    Only the kids who are already weird gonna be more weird home schooled๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • @scarykidsscaringkids123 says:

    Loat all credibility when he mentioned L ron hubbard

  • @ricochetrabbit4618 says:

    I totally agree with your viewpoint in that the public schools are only making things worse, for all of society actually. I have also done the communications course that you reference and it was one of the hardest courses (for me) and most rewarding courses I have ever taken.

  • @irockbmw6s908 says:

    Def dnt want my 12 yr old with a social media account.

  • @silversurfer702 says:

    Because you have money and can afford private teaching. In the real world, good luck. Obvious.

  • @davidc4408 says:

    They have very little formal education…math, science, languages etc will just be all selling real estate or communications. Which narrows their future passions and choices

  • @kleinkbkayb5369 says:

    Go out of your way to speak a kind word or render some useful service where it is not expected.
    #mindset #success #wealth #riches

  • @errolschmidt3762 says:

    Awesome Grant! There should be more parents like you. Empower your kids to be their best give them the tools to achieve anything.

  • @angelam.joseph7065 says:

    That course is AMAZING!!! I took it and it helps with communication skills 100%!

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