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This is how you make sure your kids have the proper skills to become successful in life…

Cameron Long

  • @BrianJames33 says:

    *Excellent !!! I really do have a question. For someone with less than $3,000 or Above to trade, how would you recommend we enter into trading ? I am looking at studying some traders and copying their strategy rather than trading myself and losing money emotionally. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions*

    • @garajturkiye2470 says:

      Stay away from trading, focus on doubling your 3k. What I did to start at first was getting into car game. It’ll also help you to learn how to sell.

  • @julioaguirre7135 says:

    $1 Sounds to good to be true

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    “We did what we had to in order to protect our people” – Dana White

    “I laid off a bunch of people to survive Covid” – Cardone

  • @mustangs263 says:

    she wants to go to Harvard lol.

  • @screwheadhtx713 says:

    Sell or be sold

  • @bngr_bngr says:

    I hope she goes to Harvard.

  • @phdavis10 says:

    Sales people are made not born.

  • @phdavis10 says:

    Sales is all about follow-up. Most sales people quit after 1st call or , 1st no. It can take up to 5 follow up calls or more to get sale.

  • @phdavis10 says:

    Always be closing. The close that didn’t work is a trial close.

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    So great Grant Cardone

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