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Transforming Real Estate into a Cash-Flowing Asset – Robert Helms, @Rehab2Riches , Liz Brody

This week, real estate expert Robert Helms guest hosts for Robert Kiyosaki and reveals the transformative power of real estate investing. Joined by guests Terry Kerr and Liz Brody from Memphis, Tennessee, they dive into their journey of flipping houses and renting them out, creating significant cash flow and long-term financial stability. Learn about the […]

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Your Key to Economic Survival – John MacGregor

In this episode of Full Disclosure with John MacGregor, he dives nto strategies and ideas shaping our world and your wallet. In this episode, MacGregor discusses the latest economic challenges and opportunities. Topics include California's rising business costs and the impact of policies on fast food chains like Rubio's Coastal Grill, the potential nationwide implications […]

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Fact or Fiction in Climate Change Debate- Mike Mauceli, Gregory Wrightstone

In this episode of The Energy Show with REI Energy, host Mike Mauceli speaks with Gregory Wrightstone, a geologist and the executive director of the CO2 Coalition. Wrightstone argues that increased CO2 and warming climates are benefiting humanity, challenging prevalent green rhetoric. They discuss the decline in severe tornadoes, the historical benefits of warming periods, […]

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Revealing America’s Financial Landscape – John MacGregor

Welcome back to the Full Disclosure Podcast with John MacGregor. In this episode, we delve into current events shaping the financial landscape, including California's controversial new policies and Biden's economic strategies. John discusses the mismanagement of a $7.5 billion investment in electric vehicle charging stations, California's ambitious but questionable legislative moves, and the state's ongoing […]

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