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The Hidden Truths about Cash Apps and Pension Systems – John MacGregor, Ted Siedle

In this podcast episode, the host, John McGregor, speaks with financial forensic expert, Ted Siedle revealing deep-seated issues concerning fintech apps and the pension system. They discuss the hidden truth about the operations of cash and fintech apps, highlighting how fintech manipulates their systems and how, for instance, some fintech startups have names that no […]

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Energy Price Predictions: Trends and Forecasts for 2024 and Beyond – Mike Mauceli, David Blackmon

Mike Mauceli, host of the Energy Show with REI Energy, discusses energy projections into 2024 with veteran energy industry analyst, David Blackmon. The conversation explores the growth projections for oil and gas, the existing political tensions in the energy sector, and the current administration's approach to fossil fuels. It also covers the demand for oil […]

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Bitcoin Halving Explained and What it Means for Money – Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki and Robert Breedlove dive deep into the revolutionary world of Bitcoin, its underlying philosophy, and its potential to disrupt the traditional financial system. This episode, packed with insights and foresight, explores how Bitcoin could redefine the concept of money, challenge the current banking system, and offer a new path toward financial freedom. This […]

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