SPI 720: I Swore I Wasn’t Going to Do It, but Then I Did.

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#720 I didn't want to, but people I trust made me do something I otherwise would have never done. I won't keep you guessing—this is all about watching an anime. Specifically, One Piece. The show has over one thousand episodes! That's insane, but I was assured the story would be worth it. These are the kinds of things we're willing to take a chance on when we trust someone. So, what do I get out of this experience? As I've often said on the show, storytelling is vital for business success. In fact, it's the skill that will help you build the type of trust that gets people to spend their time and money with you. But building influence over people also comes with responsibilities. Today's session is all about having trust and stories as the foundation of your relationship with your audience. Tune in to learn more! Show notes and more at SmartPassiveIncome.com/session720 ( ) .

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Cameron Long