SPI 689: The Best Way to Grow Your Email List — The Creator Network

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#689 Many businesses rely on advertising to reach new audiences. But what if instead of paying for sponsored posts on Facebook or Instagram, you could invest in creators like you? On the flip side, what if you could earn real money promoting the content you love? The world of email has stagnated lately, but a new launch from ConvertKit is about to change that in a big way! Today, you'll hear all about The Creator Network, which will help you find engaged followers in your niche without using any social media platforms. Listen in because ConvertKit founder Nathan Barry is here to walk us through this game-changing feature for newsletter growth, monetization, and more! The possibilities are mind-blowing, so you'll hear my gears turning throughout this whole session. You'll also hear Nathan sharing examples from other creators using this strategy to supercharge their email lists and create highly profitable feedback loops. You can leverage The Creator Network at any level, so don't miss out! Show notes and more at SmartPassiveIncome.com/session689 ( ) .

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Cameron Long