Something BIG Is About To Happen In The Housing Market

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Cameron Long

  • Mac Oppy says:

    Bring back the “Dutch Auction”. Start with a high price. Step down the price. First bid wins.

  • Jennifer says:

    My greatest concern is how to recover from all these economic and global troubles and stay afloat especially with the political power tussle going on in
    US. The government has really called things more difficult for its citizens, and we can’t sit back and bear all the consequences of the bad governance.

  • David Paul says:

    It doesn’t end well for billions all by design 😉👍

  • Matt Canedy says:

    Don’t forget about the taxes!!! The taxes are causing a lot of folks not to buy inlarge cities!

  • DolphinDivingChamp says:

    Is the fed not going to lower interest rates in the next 18 months? That seems to be the expectation.

  • conservative 1963 says:

    Brilliant content George, than you so much for exposing so much more, the public is not informed off. Where is media on all this? Oh yeh, the bankers and corporate mouthpieces would not dare.

  • One Eleven says:

    The problem i see now is everything is so broken & manipulated due to the deficit spending, fraud & the Fed Tools (if something breaks we just make something up to ‘fix it’)…I struggle to think previous cycles mean a lot..personally I’m making sure I’ve no debt & a large percentage my wealth is outside the system..the game just seems to risky to play 🤷‍♂️

  • Jed W says:

    The day I’m worried about is when George says, “this video is going to be a long explanation, buckle up guys”

  • Patrick Bouldin KM5L says:

    but if prices decline and home value, then property taxes would go down, not up, correct?

    I would also assume that with price is going down for housing insurance claims in real terms would also go down, and therefore would become more competitive?

    On your next show, if you could give general guesswork in regards to rental properties on houses that you have good equity in versus rental houses that you don’t have much equity in, that would be appreciated.

  • JP Fontes says:

    All true, except that with debt, in particular national and corporate debt, at levels this high, it is extremely unlikely that rates can be raised significantly higher without causing the entire system to implode. I am on the camp that expects long-term strong inflation, even if we experience brief deflationary episodes along the way.

  • Nate Shwartz says:

    If house prices decline it’ll be safe to raise rates even more… I’m speaking out of ignorance but I think they want something to break

  • Just Generic says:

    I would say what they do here is shared equity/shared ownership. It bring the initial buy in down in exchange for becoming a renter/mortgagor so rates go up rent might not in lockstep


    Well we know how bad it’s going to be for commercial real estate 😮

  • Eliot Ness says:

    When regular people cant afford the houses anymore there wont be any supply increases, because corporations will just buy it off the market and hoping to rent it out instead. My hope is that people will be stubborn that they rather sleep in their cars in order to bankrupt these evil corporations when nobody leases their rented hones

  • Rick T says:

    I am actually surprised that the 40 year mortgage hasn’t been floated. I suppose there is some reason for this. It was what they did with vehicles. Able to keep raising price, just extended the length of the loan.

  • Carl H - The Hermit With Wi-Fi says:

    free flow question: if demand for housing is increasing, and cities are interest rate flat…..then would this not be manipulaing people to move to cities for afforadbility? Further, will this also not ‘corral’ people into cities to ‘zone off’ to FIFTEEN MINUTE CITIES?
    If so, then tis manipulation of the market must be both totally evil and planned and encouraged. That’s inhuman.

  • Steve H says:

    People have forgotten about the re-fi party which ended 18 months ago and was a massive driver lifting consumer demand as people cashed ‘equity’ (based on higher valuation) out of their mortgages and increased their debt. This was fine until house prices stalled and are now falling. The flippers especially did this to improve their liquidity since the holding costs of a house are so high. This is problem when the loan amount exceeds sale price.

  • Bennett Shulman says:

    Why don’t you do a presentation on bond ladders as a way of dealing with rising interest rates?

  • lisas44 says:

    “You will own nothing, and you will be happy.” Klaus Schwab, WEF Thanks for explaining the mortgage buy down. They really need to just sell at 350 instead!

  • Dan M says:

    I’m about to sell a house of my Father who passed away. I’m praying the market holds out until it can be sold

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