Since Carnivore Beats Diabetes – Why Don’t I Eat This Way?

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Dennis Pollock shares why it is that he does not eat 100 percent carnivore.

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Cameron Long

  • @mackosajt86 says:

    you are the best, Mike!

  • @jakedrago7805 says:

    Just like vegan , carnivore has become a religion for some rather than a dietary plan. The right diet is the one you can stick to and yields results you want .

  • @tordkarl says:

    There sure are some aggressive besserwissers on the internet. And the lower the self esteem the more aggressive.

  • @johnnyo5915 says:

    Six months ago at age 70, I weighed 285lbs, A1C at 7.5, fatty liver, felt like crap, weak, tired brain fog. I started eating carnivore with a commitment to try it for 90 days. As of last week I weigh 260lbs, A1C at 6.0, brain fog gone, fasting glucose at 98, feel 20 years younger, liver panel enzymes all in perfect range. I eat at 8 am and 4 pm every day and fast for 16 hours daily. Half way to my weight loss goal I plan to stay on carnivore but not necessarily forever. You have helped a lot of people but I can tell you carnivore diet has saved many lives in a very reasonable amount of time. Your menu does not look very appealing to me personally. I love my steaks, burgers, ribs, eggs, bacon etc. Blessings to you and yours!!😇😎

    • @carnivorepastor says:

      To each his own is so true. I don’t like salads and veg so carnivoreish works for me. But I have my coffee and cottage cheese. My weight and AIC are falling. Fasting is the other key. Praise God for your results!

  • @nancydb1390 says:

    I do low carb for my morning meal and carnivore for my afternoon meal. It’s working for me.

  • @fazbell says:

    The Pollock approach seems to be more reasonable.

  • @Sweetrose333 says:

    Dennis, you are a blessing to many of us that are beating diabetes.
    Thank you ✝️💜

  • @alexandrawhite7614 says:

    Love it! Particularly fun illustrations. Dennis, I watch almost all your videos, mainly for the moral support they give me. Imo this is one of the very best. (Right up there with the banana testing one.) Thank-you for taking the risk, and my mood uplift as I eat my breakfast (chicken, mushrooms, avocado, green olives, cheese, nuts) here in the N of the UK.

  • @tomkellen1228 says:

    I’ll give you the thumbs-up Dennis. Always have. Always will.

  • @elainehill5931 says:

    I love salads! With some meat on them. When I go on vacation I know I can stick to low carb because you can always find a restaurant with filling salads. Mr. Dennis please pass by those arrogant commenters they don’t deserve the attention for being rude!

  • @bernadette573 says:

    Please never shut up, Dennis.
    Sometimes I think the worst isn’t junk food but ‘junk’ personalities types: fastidious fusspots, nit picking perfectionists, quibblers, know it alls.
    When I was vegetarian, occasionally I would encounter a vegan who was ‘shocked’ that i ate an egg. Went vegan for a bit, but then I’d be accosted by fruitarians, then breatharians. Similar extremes may happen to anyone who eats meat. They must eat more meat and less of everything else.
    No mention ever of quality of nutrition, whether it’s local, fun of sharing with friends, pleasant ways to enjoy a meal. Nope, you have to count every calorie, eat one huge meal a day, or live off gristle.
    You’re a gem of wisdom and common sense, Dennis.

  • @gordianknot5625 says:

    Although this saying was first used in politics, I think it applies here. “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy the good.”

  • @colleenbaptiste98 says:

    I respect people who pratice other ways of eating, but I like variety, i like veggies, pancakes etc. I’ll stick with low carb and “Mike” and that works wonderful for me.
    Blessings Dennis ❤

  • @colleenpenny6304 says:

    Carnivore is getting very popular and I work at grocery store and hear of many people going Carnivore. If you wish to eat keto plants, that’s ok too.
    The reason I am mostly Carnivore is because after I was a raging diabetic with A1c of 13.5, I lost lots of muscle and was very weak. Now that I eat mostly 3 eggs per day and lots of fatty meat I regained my strength and I had a shoulder that hurt since I fell on it ice skating about 25 years ago, guess what??? Shoulder is FIXED and NO MORE PAIN.

  • @Unsensitive says:

    Initially, I think carnivore is a great idea.

    As you fix your metabolic issues, you will benefit from some whole food carbs.

    Another big step is ensuring you have sufficient levels of glycine intake. This helps fuether lower blood sugar, and is missing from most diets, as its mostly from connective tissues, skin, collagen, etc.

  • @cynthiarucker1442 says:

    Dearest Dennis……..EXCELLENT video!! My sentiments exactly! I appreciate your candor and honesty and it should not offend anyone. The world is not just black and white, the world is a wonderfully varied gift from God. Thank you for the lecture and I love the message. I celebrate low carb, keto, carnivore or any avenue that will make people well. That is all that matters. Your words are healing within themselves. Much love to you and Ben! God bless you!

  • @2023Red says:

    Super job today Dennis! I know I would love being carnivore. But I am too cheap. Bring on that cabbage and salad!

  • @larry-in3ig says:

    So incredibly practical, lost 154 lbs on keto. Great video

  • @michigan1291 says:

    Ignore the Carnivore Derangement Syndrome and Vegan Derangement Syndrome victims. Just tell them “No need to be rude, just keep what you can use and leave the rest”. You do bang on sometimes and lose some good points that way, like in this video. Your program is comprehensive and perfect for thousands. Thank you for your work.

  • @FaeDruid says:

    Dennis is amazing. A truly wise man.

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