Should my daughter write a tell-all book? #shorts

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Should my daughter write a tell-all book?

Post in comments if you want my daughter to write the book.

Cameron Long

  • @alanrennie4795 says:

    How do I start Grant ?

  • @johntbaxter says:

    Yes I would buy the book

  • @poyasadeq9666 says:


  • @rodvegaa says:


  • @DoorDashDemon says:

    Super cool to see you genuinely happy with your daughter, bro.. thats what I got mostly outta watching this..

  • @GeniusFinds says:

    Probably one of the smartest 14 year olds on social media

  • @kleinkbkayb5369 says:

    Negative feedback is good. Its often more valuable than the positive feedback.

  • @LanceG007 says:


  • @anthonytheitalian2863 says:

    Wow Grant she looks like you for sure

  • @LovingLifeNowNoMatterWhat says:

    Decide 💚

  • @bebepixiee says:

    The way you communicate with your daughter is so wholesome ❤

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