Should I Buy this DOOMSDAY CAR?

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Should I Buy this DOOMSDAY CAR?

A lot of billionaires are building bunkers, do you think I should get this doomsday car? Post in comments below. Do you think there is going to be a doomsday?

I'm getting it either way!!!!!

want one?

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~ GC

Cameron Long

  • @cannabisconnoisseursclub7554 says:

    I’m glad it’s diesel and not electric

  • @chuyrocks07 says:

    Grant knows something we don’t know….

  • @WilliamFigueroa says:

    That’s badass. Put an Elena Wrap on it for another BAE BadAss event!

  • @elainebarrett8132 says:

    Oh wow ! God Bless Us All ! ♥️🙏

  • @dreamchaser2979 says:

    Actually crazy how many rich people are buying stuff like this right now. Grant, Rick Ross, Besos,Mark zuck,

  • @Com4nd3r666 says:

    With this one nothing is in your way.

  • @RonaldChapman says:

    How many miles per gallon does it get?

  • @LarryGipson96 says:

    What I want to see is the bunker I know you have Grant!

  • @davidsirmons says:

    As long as you have dried foods, water, water filtration methods, 5 methods of making fire, batteries, lights, compasses, maps, firearms of all types, about 5k rounds for each at least, 20x mags for each one as well, heavy winter gear/clothes if needed, night vision and thermal night vision, communication methods, a ham radio, a regular radio, body armor for everyone in your family (yes, everyone), camo clothes/multicam grey/black clothes, rugged footwear, gloves, eye/ear protection, gas masks, 1 per person 200ft paracord bundles, 1 per person 3/8″ paracord bundles, knives, hammers, tool sets, and about seventy other items, then sure……… can blow money on a car that’ll likely be entirely useless once gas delivery stops and doesn’t come back.

    • @Greg_Chase says:

      See the painting of Washington’s men crossing the Delaware.

      One thing I noticed – the people who created the original Branch of Government (the *_’We The People’_* branch, the branch of government that existed first, before the other three (Legislative, Judicial, Executive) –

      – I noticed they were not dressed for the occasion. No cell phones either. Pretty wild.

    • @user-ko4tz3pp1z says:

      70 other items? Like?

  • @DagenhamGilly says:

    I want one.

  • @TrollHunterxXx says:

    Quick rebadge with GC logo and Jared on the 50 cal turret 😂

  • @justgraves8761 says:

    You wild crazy Uncle G!
    That junt tuff!!💪🏾 10x Rolln!

  • @MT-THNDR207 says:

    It’s basically a doomsday Humvee

  • @stefan-stocksmadesimple5241 says:

    When all the billionaires start prepping you know something is coming.. Also keep in mind what we see is what they show, not necessarily what really happens behind the curtains 😳😳😳

  • @moseskamau2758 says:

    I thought he’d say it was the stupid thing to buy but maybe he knows something we don’t know

  • @scotthouchins1408 says:

    Greatest car salesman ever👍🇺🇸🥃

  • @JosephNohbuhdy-fx1xr says:

    Hel yea that’s one sick ride 😎Congrats Man 👏 Stay Ready so you don’t Have to get ready🔥

  • @JoseArteagaTravels788 says:

    I’m favoured financially, Thank you Jesus $32,000 weekly profit regardless of how bad it gets on the economy.

  • @NvncblTitan says:

    Yeah, but does it have run-flat tires? Tires the most vulnerable parts on a car. What about skid plates?

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