Cameron Long

  • T In. B says:

    To never hearing “No” 🥂

  • Alberto Guerrero says:

    Very good advice.

  • John Edward says:

    I need “no” sometimes from my partner.

  • EmanuelG says:

    Marriage vow 2.0 : ✍ I hereby by restricted consent sign my life away
    🧎‍♂️😭 save me

    😅 if you only listen to your friends , but NO stuck in the madly in love matrix 🤣

    🤓 I wish we have accurate statistics about marriages ruining lives just 4 awareness purposes 😅

    Wishing Grant and Elena all the best in their marriage, growing old together.

  • Qwuna Tai says:

    We all know what she means when she say she never says no lol😅😅😅😅😅😅

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