Reverse Diabetes w Drs Barnard, Fuhrman, Fung, or Non-Doctor Pollock?

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Dennis Pollock, of Beat Diabetes, discusses 3 doctors / authors, Neal Barnard, Joel Fuhrman, and Jason Fung – and asks the question, "Why do they all get results with diabetics?"

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Cameron Long

  • @mballer says:

    🖐️ Don’t forget me, the third approach.
    Go for a walk after meals, use up the glucose and build muscle.
    Could I write a 2 page book?

  • @ednaofori_antwi2177 says:

    Good to know Dennis and God bless you for knowledge.

  • @DLTJR1959 says:

    Everyone is different and has different ways to fight diabetes and weight control. I weigh everyday, every morning, and don’t deviate. At my highest weight many years ago I ballooned up to 398. I had kept my weight around 320 for the most part. Finally got it down to 290 for a lot of years. Due to this my right hip needed replacement and the surgeon would not perform the surgery until I got my BMI down under 40. At my short height that meant I needed to lose 50 plus pounds. I did it and had the knee replaced. Later I had my left shoulder and left knee replaced replaced. I finally got down to 210 but later ballooned up to 260 last year. I’m now back down to 224 and on track to lose more.

    I eat once a day between 5-6 pm. That’s it. And I count calories and carbs. My A1C has stayed at 5.3 to 5.4. I watch my sugar and processed food intake eating mostly meats and vegetables. I do eat a baked potato versus fence fries but will indulge from time to time. Just stay off the junk food and watch your carbs and limit your eating window. That’s what I do.

  • @marypaino1327 says:

    Right on Dennis no diet needed just eat real food and cut the processed/sugary foods and I’ll add avoid oxalates. Thank you for all you do

  • @evettburke9555 says:

    In resturants they put a lot of sugar in the food they feed to us it is so sad. I do not eat any food that I did not cook. Thank you for sharing Dennis.❤❤❤

  • @lilystonne4108 says:

    Avoid sugar and processed foods. Cook your meals to control what is in them. Whether you choose to be a vegan or low carb/keto/carnivore, eat mostly whole foods. If one way does not work, try the other. Be flexible and trust Mike the Meter.

  • @kathym6603 says:

    Another timely, important and creative video from the guy who has diabetes down and is forwarding the information to the rest of us. Dennis, Dr. Darren Schmidt recently posted a video explaining the marriage between juicing and carnivore that works. This is a discovery of magnitude. The video is called Juicing vs Ketosis Different but Similar. Both Address Lactic Acidosis. Not that you have to adopt it but it is amazing enough for you to watch the video.

  • @ryanvegntech says:

    @1:45 from previous videos you seem to have a hang up with anyone who eats vegetables, perhaps a vegan threw a carrot at you one day, I am low carb whole-food plant based for years now, and at times have done keto. I’m confident Im not the only one, it’s not exclusive to meat eaters, indeed many of the best keto receipes come from Vegan Keto people like the fries receipe that went everywhere a few years back alongside the chaffles from youtuber Heavenly Fan. If you have to try and pull an other category as the straw man for the video I’d wish you’d label it “high carb whole-food, plant based” as I think that’s more accurate to what you want to say @12:44 “Dr Barnard is practically a vegan”.. he famously used that to reverse plague in his arteries, though recently he has been promoting the carnivore diet with Ken Berry past couple of weeks, his last video I saw popped up on the feed last week was the benefits of the carnivore diet.. I know I’ve said it in the past but I think just for your own curiosity it would benefit to have a discussion with someone from keto vegetarian or keto vegan so you know they do exist, beyond books. They don’t have two heads and they don’t bite, and you might even get along with them. But they are rare as are vegan-anything in general, being a tiny % of the population, less than 3% maybe. Though at the same time you’d think they were the vast majority if we agree there’s a pre-diabetic epidemic sweeping the nation. Best wishes with the book and videos, and much love to the beautiful Ben ❤

  • @zenane2012 says:

    Greetings from Ethiopia. That was very helpful. Thank you, Dennis.

  • @michellegoulart266 says:

    Gobble,Gobble,Gobble teeheeee! I Love how you explain all things diabetes. It makes learning fun and entertaining.Thank you

  • @danwaters7915 says:

    Thank you for that perspective, Dennis. You are correct, all that information can be confusing. I went through that confusion when I first started fighting diabetes. Fortunately, I soon found your channel. I found it simple to understand, easy to apply, and it worked! I just celebrated my 3-year anniversary of following you. You helped me whip diabetes! Feeling great! Thank you!

  • @sherynngofa6175 says:

    Your book is still available on Amazon. I purchased it about a month ago.

  • @deborahjanik1116 says:

    Great video yet again, thank you Dennis

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