Cameron Long

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    I’m commenting to being a great Salesperson 💪

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    Dios te Bendiga! ❤
    May the Lord Bless you even more!❤

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    You have to determine early on what your goal is how much money you really need. If you develop the attitude of that it’s never enough money you need to keep getting more and more then he will start to get impoverished spiritually even though you have a big pile of money. I’ve worked in the music industry and motion picture industry for over three decades. Nearly every producer I work for, the richer they are the more miserable they are. They never get time off they do a lot of self-medicating, they are on their third or fourth marriage, they spend over half of their income on paying alimony and child support for children they rarely get to see, it goes on and on. Simple key to avoid becoming that person is… Pursue true wealth not riches. There’s a big difference. Personally I’d rather live in a simple little beach house, Eating well, being healthy, and being happy. It sure beats living in a big mansion with servants and gardeners and housekeepers and being lonely and miserable and totally stressed out that there’s never enough money to keep it all going

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