My Fasting Day – Does Fasting Help with Diabetes?

Dennis Pollock invites you to join him on a fasting day. What will happen to his blood sugar throughout the day? Will black coffee increase or decrease his blood sugar. Will a day of fasting lead to lower blood sugar levels? Lower insulin levels? And how does fasting help with diabetes?

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  • Vera Gamsky says:

    Thanks for going through a fast and showing us what happens. I am 55 days into controlling my diabetes so it is great to see more information on how it works. I had my best morning this morning with 111. I am guessing when a person finds out they r a type 2 diabetic it takes time to see changes. I have learned a lot by watching your videos and sure do appreciate them. God’s Blessings .

    • Beat Diabetes! says:

      So glad you’re doing well!

    • Darren Cole says:

      You will certainly get there. It takes time and effort. I have been keto and fasting since June of 2018. My a1c back then was 6.9 and my average blood sugar was in the 150+ range if im not mistaken. Today, my average blood sugar is in the 80s and my a1c is 4.9. In fact, I just tested my blood sugar while watching this video cause im on hour 18 of a 42 hour fast and my blood sugar is at 69. Its so great to be off diabetic meds. Used to be, if I got near 80, I would start getting low blood sugar, shakes, sweats, the works and would have to eat or drink something to bring it back up. Not any more! I have been in the 50s a few times with no ill effects at all. The diabetes medicine is what causes us to have most lows in the first place and I truly see that now. Dr Jason Fung knows his stuff. His books really helped me! Trust in the process, everyones body is different but the process sooo works, it just takes time to get all that stored sugar depleted to actually start seeing the benefit. Regular exercise while fasting will also help to bring down the sugar faster. You got this!

    • Baldemar Cabrera says:

      So do you take your meds all at night when you fast. Have seen videos on this but it is still new to me, my A1C is getting out of control, would appreciate your information on this matter.

    • Darren Cole says:

      @Baldemar Cabrera For me, I was taking my pills and once a week shot as normal then after doing this for a while (a few months), I also started limiting my carbs to under 20 net carbs a day. This started causing lows which forced me to break my fast and drink orange juice or eat something to get my sugar back up. When this started becoming an every day thing, even a few times a day, I started lowering my meds. Now I was only on 2 meds. glipizide, one pill twice a day and once weekly trulicity shot. I started eliminating one pill a day (my night time pill. would rather have a low when I am awake and can see it coming on) then was still having lows so only took 1 pill every other day, in a matter of a week or so, was off the pills completely and still had lows. So I stopped my once weekly injection the following week and that was the last time I have had a low.

      It took those first couple months of training myself in fasting but I was still eating like 60g carbs a day when I ate so couple that with lack of exercise and it was going to take a long time to get that extra sugar out of my system. When I switched to 20 or less net carbs per day, coupled with intermittent fasting, it was like a switch had been turned on and my body started going through my glycogen stores and coupled with the meds at the time, was causing my lows. Dr Fung has a few excellent videos here on youtube that describes how your body stores fat and why you continue to get worse and its all due to insulin and to much sugar in our bodies due to our diet. Get dr fungs book, Diabetes code (also is on audible as an audio book). It explains sooooo much in detail that it will shock you in just how wrong the American diabetes association and how wrong our government is on treating diabetes. In extreme short terms, they dont. They only treat the symptoms (high blood sugar), they never treat the actual causes.

      Mind you I had to do this without my drs approval because he is old school and didnt think this was good, however he now sees the proof that it can work but I think hes waiting to see if I slip up then hit me with “I knew this wasnt sustainable” junk. It fully is if you are understanding that at this point, if you dont do it, your going to get worse and die at a much younger age then you should. The keto diet is actually very satisfying and there are lots of recipes out there that is just awesome. Just note, until you get your a1c down and your sugar levels down, avoid the keto sweets, it will only slow your progress down and possibly stall you completely. You should talk to your doctor about it and if he is on board, he can give you much greater help in how to lower your meds more properly. Mine came to a head in just a few short weeks, once my body started actually working properly, I was off all the diabetes meds. The thing is, this can be a quick fix to get your blood sugar down but its a long fix to heal your body from the years of abuse it took yo get you in that situation in the first place. Im around 11 months into this journey, Ive lost 77lbs of fat, my a1c is better than most folks that doesnt have diabetes, Im still fasting regularly as I still want to lose about another 25 lbs. I have on occasion, tried some processed carbs and even hit 60 carbs a couple times and my blood sugar never got higher than around 135ish but I could see that im still full or resistance cause that same 135 could take hours to go down instead of the 1-2 its supposed to take. Still, thats much better than eating 60 carbs and seeing my sugar spike to over 200 and stay there for hours.

      This takes time, dedication and patience but man, what a payoff it is, knowing im going to be around much longer for my daughter than dieing early cause I was to stubborn to give up carbs.

    • free nomon says:

      Darren Cole, thank you so much for posting your experience. This is truly inspiring. I guess it will take a while for your body and liver to be deplited of sugar and fat so that your fasting or average glucose level goes down even if you start fasting. Keeping up is not easy at first right?

  • MO GAINS says:

    Great video. I’m doing the vegan keto Omad and it’s definitely working I’m off my medicine and taking it one day at a time. Little cardio in the mornings and at nights and my weight is gradually going down. Besides that I honestly fell great. A million times better than on medicine. You Dr Berg and Dr Fung did the world of wonders for me. All praise to God. And God’s blessings to you and your family 👍🏼👊🏼👊🏼🇹🇹

  • Will Bx says:

    I do daily 16 hour intermittent fasting and eat a low carb diet. And this has worked for me greatly. Your videos are easy to understand and 100% true. I started following your videos and Jason Fung’s videos. And they have improved my life greatly.

    • mohammed simo says:

      and so i …..

    • Francis Potter says:

      Thanks for your videos Doug in Ga be blessed kind Sir

    • Gillian Michele says:

      Well done for taking control of your health.

    • Marty Trujillo says:

      Amen read the Word!!!! See you on the Mountain!!

    • martinez1701a says:

      I like Dr Fung I was diagnosed a few weeks ago and he immediately changed my diet to almost no carbs at all and Incorporated fruits that lower my blood sugar like blueberries and strawberries sunflower seeds pistachios Etc, my blood sugar on the average is closer to 100 now when I was diagnosed my blood sugar was at 270 that’s a big Improvement and it’s only been about two weeks.

  • Shane Creamer says:

    Thanks to your channel, my resting blood glucose was at 120 and frequent 140-180 spikes. With reducing my carbs it took about 2 weeks, but my resting blood glucose is now averaging 94, and only rises to 110-117 with sensible meals.

    Thank you and God bless your work for inspiring me to get a blood glucose monitor and starting my own journey into better health.

  • Zephirine Drouhin says:

    This explains the unusual feeling I had under my rib cage while doing intermittent fasting. I’ve been following a Keto diet and intermittent fasting with it. I would feel almost a drawing feeling, like stuff being pulled away from my pancreases area (under rribcage). Thank you for explaining this, now I believe my body was actually burning the fat stores around my organs in that area.

  • Audra says:

    Another great video! Next time I will test my levels when I fast. I WAS pre-diabetic but used nutritional ketosis, Intermittent fasting and moderate exercise to bring down my A1C to healthier levels. Since I cook for the family and entertain, the family has significantly reduced sugars, grain based carbs, fruits and starchy carbs. It is a work in progress for all of us. I enjoy the interviews and the motivation everyone has to use their lifestyle to achieve better health. Keep it up!

  • Mazen Alzahrani says:

    Hi guys,
    I am prediabetes and I do a dry fasting for a whole continuous month (Ramadhan) from 4:30am till 6:15pm. It is not easy thing to do, but I think my body deals with carbs better as I don’t feel tiered after having high carb meals.

    My mother is diabetic and reported the same.

    But now, I am going to eat low carb from now on.

  • martinez1701a says:

    I have to say that you and Dr. Jason Fung keep me motivated I was diagnosed a few weeks ago and was depressed and beating my self up for letting my health go but now after changing my diet and incorporating what I see in both your videos im confident that I will completely reverse my diabetes thanks.

  • Dana Littleton says:

    I’m so glad you and your lovely wife offer this wealth of information for all of us trying to save our lives by keeping our blood sugar normal. God bless you both!

  • Sheila Daniels says:

    Thank you for the information. I’m learning about fasting and it affects me. I’m trying to fast at night like I do before blood work but my readings are like 104 or around 110. So I’m still working on it. 😃

  • Estervettie Hunter says:

    I am so glad I found this channel. I love the fact that you are combining spiritual with natural discipline. I love your comments and how you acknowledge the Lord during your fasting. I’ll continue to follow your channel. Thank you and God bless you!!

  • JRR31984 says:

    I believe that we all go through the same things just in different levels and it’s important to see what others go through, because the inclinations that are experienced from others are either inclinations or the opposite of what could happen to them. Very GOOD for doing sets of studies that you do to know your differences!

  • MP says:

    My A1C was around 9.5 or so. Now that I cut all carbs and sweets and do push-ups daily. My blood level is now at around 115 without Metformin medication. It worked for me. Hope it can help you too out there.
    The principles are watch out what you eat and keep exercising daily.

  • Sandra Elder says:

    That was really helpful. Thanks. I do not have diabetes but am quite a bit overweight and have a family history of it. I recently decided to cut the carbs way down, and it’s going pretty well, but I’ve always been reluctant to try fasting because of the hunger and not really being convinced it was worthwhile. I’ve decided to try it, maybe after another week or two of low carb eating. As a Catholic Christian, I am very familiar with the spiritual discipline of fasting but wasn’t aware of the health benefits. Another reason to give it a go. Please pray for us beginners! Thanks again.

  • Richard Anderson says:

    Thanks for sharing your fasting experience. Just sleeping at night and awakening in the morning for breakfast sees a morning bump of around 40 higher than when I went to bed. The liver is being quite active!

  • JoyfullyPacingLife says:

    May God grant us all better health especially during this uncertain times! Thank you for another great vlog!

  • Elissa Rose says:

    Your videos are so addictive. As a 27 year old with insulin resistance I feel more confident now and I feel like I can reclaim my health

    • Beat Diabetes! says:

      That’s great to hear. God bless you, Elissa!

    • Erwin Kunze says:

      Thanks for the fasting tips, *Ned* *Flanders!* Seriously though, drinking water while fasting helped out significantly with stomach emptiness sensation. I’m fasting once a week on Sundays.

  • Flamey Gibb says:

    Just completed a 48 hour fast. I drank 32 oz of Water with Himalayan pink salt (to taste) with lemon 2x a day and 16 oz of matcha green tea 2x a day, each of the 2 days. The fast was easier than my usual 24 hour fast with water alone. I felt low energy only twice and at that time I had the matcha drink and saltwater/lemon drink.

  • Muktha Tumkur says:

    After a 24 hour fast my BG went to 4.6 mmol/L, and after extending the fast to 36 hours it was 4.7. It just showed me that having a weekly 24 hour fast will really help to bring my A1c down and this of course with eating an ultra LC diet. Getting my Mom into this too so that we can get her off of at least one medication, but she has no interest in fasting, so am trying to find support from her physicians (if I am lucky).

  • Michael Jackson says:

    Dennis I know you did this a few years ago, but the information is always relevant. I had a situation with diabetes fatigue syndrome recently, and it was the wake up call I needed! At the same time your sites were on the recommended list. Brilliant timing. Thank you and now starting to plough through your library. Change is in the wind.

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