My daughter convinces me to send her to college #shorts

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My daughter convinces me to send her to college –

If you had the opportunity she has in life, would you waste your time going to college?

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Cameron Long

  • @eon001 says:

    One of my biggest regrets is going to university. Waste of time and money. Especially if you do something creative. Got a art design degree, but I now work in IT. No one gives af about my degree.

  • @thefrankperspective4247 says:

    College is definitely not worth it if you already have direction. Literally no one cares, unless she’s trying to get a job at an investment bank.

    Wanna work in computers? Get a certificate? In the trades? Cert + experience. Leave college for things like medical.

  • @rustyshackleford6637 says:

    I have thought about this, I think the easiest degree you can get that “looks good” might be communications (so you look like a professional), with a minor in stats (important numbers skills). Then after that if you piece together a masters in data science you might backdoor your way into a really high paying career.

  • @igormihic says:

    Your daughter is surrounded by smarter people. She can see that 99% of successful people have college education, and her gut instinct is telling her to go to college

  • @samheiler8894 says:

    “You don’t need harvard” hahaha harvard doesn’t need you either good grief this guy is such a clown

  • @natnat_o3 says:

    College is worth it if your intellectually curious it’s just another great addition for her out of you want to be a surgeon, lawyer etc of course

  • @COVID...19 says:

    Some accounting would be good.

  • @bngr_bngr says:

    Being a lawyer might come in handy.

  • @and-ismail says:

    college is just for dating, you don’t need it to be succesful

  • @onanugalanre6619 says:

    Let her go to college cause it attracts respect and she should join your real estate empire along with college as a side hustle and after college she can join in full time after college.

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