Most Type 2’s Can Beat Diabetes – Once They Jump This Hurdle

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Dennis Pollock, of Beat Diabetes, shares the one hurdle that must be jumped before you can lower your blood sugar and reverse diabetes.

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Cameron Long

  • Eugenio Lopez says:

    My fasting blood glucose was 70 this morning: )

  • J Anderson says:

    Good morning from Minnesota Dennis

  • Sheila R says:

    I decided yesterday that i was going to order that and it wasn’t available. I can’t believe this! So weird that this is on here today. That’s terrible.

  • Pretty Purple says:


  • evelyn azzopardi says:

    Good morning Dennis I lower my Type 2 diabetes from 7.3 to 5 . 9 thanks you and my doctor very happy

  • Bobby Ocampo says:

    No need for prescription of Metformin in the Philippines

  • cheycaster says:

    As always Dennis, Great info here.. Thank You Brother.🎸

  • Random views says:

    There was something about Sugar MD that I found inconsistent, deceitful, and questionable about his videos. He often puts up clickbait videos and seems more like a salesman advocating for his products, than a MD who wants to better the health of diabetics. His content most time leaves me disappointed and hopeless in living with diabetes.

  • Lisa Scott-London says:

    Thanks for the info and God bless you and your family always ❤

  • MzMarquette says:

    *Started at 8.3 A1C in Nov 2022* ….. went down to 6.0 in Feb 2023….. then down to 5.7 in Jul 2023, *now a year later in Nov 2023 bloodwork came back with 5.1 A1C* thanks to following the info on your channel Mr. Pollock and others Dr. Fung, Dr. Boz, Dr. Hansen, Dr. Berg and Dr. Berry! You all are my go to in order to keep motivated. Looking to get an A1C 4.9 or lower with next check-up 😁

  • Ellen says:

    🥀😜🥀 FAT FEAR is FRIGHTENING…So very true! 🥀😜🥀 Make Dennis and Mike the Meter your Besties! 🥀👌🥀

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