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    Those Who Can Make You Believe Absurdities Can Make You Commit Atrocities

    • ok says:


    • Yoga For The Ageless says:

      Are you talking Jan 6th attack ? LOL

    • humboldthammer says:

      eg Weapons of Mass Destruction and Trump chosen by God.

    • John Powell says:

      Very true Ukraine is a prime example that we started Biden has never voted against war!! I wish I could post a picture I went to buy motor oil at a huge store called fleet farm they have 3 aisles of just oil every brand every weight. There was 1 case of oil 0-20 weight. There’s a waiting list for oil so I went to Walmart a super center no oil there either bare shelves. Just wait till that happens with food there will be armed guards at grocery stores by thanksgiving

  • George Gammon says:

    Check out my live investment conference, Rebel Capitalist Live, June 24-26 at

    • Electric Horror says:

      some may wonder WTF are they doing???
      I Know what they are doing.
      Repeating history!
      And you know what happens if you fail to learn from history?
      yep i will let you guess

    • S J says:

      ‘If you don’t know history, then you don’t know anything. You are a leaf that doesn’t know it is part of a tree.’ Michael Chrichton

  • Lu Villan says:

    Thank you Mr. Gammon for all the great info
    I don’t know a damn thing about economics, but I’m learning a thing or 2 by watching your videos.

  • Nothing but the Truth says:

    Fantastic video George. I gained a lot of insight I didn’t previously have. You do a fantastic job of making this stuff understandable for the everyman. Please keep them coming and I’ll keep updooting them.

  • DP LG says:

    Thank you again for all your work George, these videos and explanations are excellent and very helpful.

  • The Ag-Team says:

    Supremely educational, brilliantly concise, worth watching at least twice. Is there a way we can download the transcript too?

  • lara colgan says:

    Fantastic content! If money printing, mass formation psychosis, war and tyranny are of interest, The Tyrant’s Gift by LS De Lisle is a new novel just out. An historical allegory for our times. Worth a read.

  • Dude says:

    One of the best financial channels on YouTube. Mr. Gammon explains otherwise complex macros succinctly and effectively in laymen’s terms.

  • J Flo says:

    Logic, truth and humor. Trifecta of edutainment. Thank you George.

  • Eric Kieffer says:

    Thank you George. This lesson was better than my BS degree in economics in 1986…. Because it is the real economy, and accounts for how the FED pulls levers and goes from reactive to active. Every American who cares should watch and try to follow. I must admit that I will have to watch it again for what to do in the coming months…. Having three houses to sell. Timing is everything.

  • Christopher DeBoer says:

    George you are killin it man! You’d have made a perfect professor when I was at Chapman University, upper division biz had lot professionals with loads of experience in the world but wanted to teach young minds without the terrible institutional baggage. Thank you for your content and time!

    • kolton crane says:

      Ya the best college professors I had were millionaires that taught for fun. They’d tell the truth. One was like ya I just paid senator Orrin Hatch 6000 in DC to talk to him haha. Like whoever talks about how much it costs to bribe or talk to politicians. Libertarian type professors were the most honest I found cause they see both parties as bad.

    • vincentyeo88 says:

      That reminds me about Indiana Jones teaching an archaeology class.

    • Lolo says:

      George is great! Wish he was my professor too…along with Dr Andrew Huberman (neuroscientist). So grateful for YouTube videos to share your knowledge with us lay folks.

  • Dagster Blaster says:

    I’m a 30 yr financial advisor. I fear you are exactly right. My book now is void of bonds, 40% cash, 60% stocks of energy and commodities

  • kriso122 says:

    I love the way George does he’s laughing brakes, like a mad scientist.
    Great vid as always, thank you George.

  • Independent Thinker says:

    As always, a superb explanation by a guy who knows how to make complicated information easier to understand. Thanks, George!

  • Lincz says:

    For someone who’s trying to get a better understanding of economics and how money works these whiteboard videos are priceless

  • M S says:

    I appreciate all your videos. The fact that you end up laughing from time to time is sort of a cure during these, as you say “out of control central banks” – times. I am actually surprised that anyone can keep their faces straight when dissecting all this considering the fact that it seems they come up with new programs and plans as they go to keep this can-kicking going.

  • Dave W says:

    Your analysis is spectacular, George. I appreciate your sessions immensely

  • Larayna A says:

    Your laugh actually puts a smile on my face! Even in the face of certain doom lol. As always thanks for a great video, though I was late watching this one!

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