Cameron Long

  • @CrimeLif3R says:

    Hey Grant!!!! Big ups, keep grinding 🎉🎉🎉

  • @Cardona.l says:

    Welcome to Medellín sr!

  • @myfavorittools says:

    I’ve been doing affiliate marketing on tik tok for two months and haven’t made I dime.
    Making videos

    • @metastract says:

      Affiliate marketing is a great model but more effective for larger established audiences such as GC’s or those who know how to media buy and drive traffic to Affiliate offers. Although that got killed off a bit 7-8 yrs ago with all the spy tools that help competitors to swipe your landers etc. Still works though and probably always will with the right offers and skills. ✌️

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  • @grandstandingandhotdogging4238 says:

    Grant has several million subscribers but doesn’t get many views. Why is that?

  • @user-jp5yg1hd3d says:

    My friend prayed to see Please parades n there are some across the board. Hopefully the vendetta of trap needs trickster continues without anger. After all, I’m British. What should my friends n I do? Celebrate self sabotage? No. That’s a liberty loss. All detailed in the beautiful art of the Constitution which gets misused, tossed aside, also abused. I wish I could plug in get ms the quick way. Jeez.

  • @robertthehair658 says:

    Did he say 66 YEARS OLD….?

  • @carlahodge5387 says:

    Hi Grant ❤

  • @user-bp6hm8rw4z says:

    The church of sciencetolgy said they need to see u in the sea org. Your supposed to be cleaning their yachts with a tooth brush on ur hands and knees right now

  • @carlahodge5387 says:

    Yes for sure they need your trust before they purchased ❤❤❤❤

  • @tatatat-vm9dl says:

    Welcome to Medellin and of course Bogota. Many american digital nomads are now living in these two cities.

  • @b-rare says:

    Grant is always selling man. Ultimate hustle mode . And looking good .

  • @Sum1snrg says:

    That’s a great mall! Vacation and looking for deals?

  • @pacificcoastnorthern4842 says:

    Grants going to get robbed walking around with his phone

  • @lylefranksaunders2113 says:

    Grant probably spends a 100 million a year on advertising. Hands down.

  • @leerizzo1758 says:

    I knew with jupiter in aries 3rd house I’d see Grant more

  • @DavidMFosterIII says:

    Need that shirt bro

  • @hectorzarlasfilms9695 says:

    Wisdom from uncle G 🎉

  • @RegisBernard163 says:

    Despite all the financial struggles i and my family faced, everything is finally falling into place! $47,000 weekly profit and riches I’ll always praise the Lord.

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