Cameron Long

  • @meiorren3444 says:

    I love your videos!✌️

  • @chantelravi8839 says:

    The idea presented in the video is really fascinating!👍

  • @CarnageJesterX says:

    You CAN AVOID dumb mistakes, analyze, notice patterns, be patient before leaping sometimes, gather all information you can before decision making. Everything was given to these people, they are propped up celebrities, million dollar contracts are handed to them based on their popularity, with no effort really put in. All they do is show up like a paid appearance & talk, anyone can do that.

  • @TonyMontana-xv4lc says:

    He sold his soul the day he put on that dress, he not successful, he not even funny, but if he sold his soul, he would get it all.

  • @she_soheavy says:

    I like Kevin Hart’s way of thinking That’s why they are successful ❤

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