Cameron Long

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    James O’Keefe knows a lot about scandals. The Wellness Company.
    First in Q 😉

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    An alien did walk into the room, but not from space. El Salvador I believe!!!

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    O’Keefe, liar extraordinare.

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    Had a dream a few months back two “aliens ambassadors” came to “save humanity” there was a caveat and we had to allow them as a species to come so there was a big world vote and the majority voted to allow them to come and some time which felt like months later around the world portals opened with colors I’ve only ever seen in this dream megalithic sized ships appeared all over the worlds capitol cities and I woke up never had a dream like that before in my like nor have I had one since they looked like humans but were short with pale milky skin huge almond shaped eyes not black but again unlike any color I had ever seen they had platinum colored hair and wore white gowns it was televised all over the planet even if you didn’t have cable the event was still broadcasted on your screen it was an utterly wild dream 😹😹😹😹

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