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    Great information Thank you!

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    Great information thank you!

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    K1 is simply a dividend paid out by a partnership or limited partnership. If you have a W2 income your K1 will be taxed at your additive income rate. The way the wealthiest people do not pay a high percentage in taxes (the wealthiest 10% in the United States pay 74% of the total tax collected, by the way) is because they have hundreds of millions or billions of dollars in investments and simply take out loans against those assets. They never realize those assets so they do not have to pay taxes on the gains. Depending on the volatility of the investment banks will often loan 10-50% of the invested sum and the extremely wealthy use this money to live, tax free. They do have to pay interest on these loans but this was very beneficial when interest rates were at 2-3%.

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    K1…. This is game changing information! Thank you. ❤

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      You ever stop and think, tgat if it was so successful , he would just do it himself, and not charge people tens of thousands of dollars in seminars ?

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      @@brenroko3649 Yes, I have. I realized that if I were in a similar position, I would continue earning money being successful AND earn even more money teaching others my techniques. After all, there’s enough money to lift up others, as I climb.
      ALSO, I have stopped to wonder WHY someone would waste time in the comment section to discourage others against SIMPLE information⁉️. Have you been defrauded by GC❓. If so, Please let me know! Here, we are just being given information. If you’ve been cheated though, that would be pertinent information.

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    The most common issue is no leverage. So whatever provides some kind of leverage is better than earned income which is created by your time in exchange of money. For a common employee, this is really difficult. I am not doing Real Estate, I own two companies, this provides good leverage. But I can imagine that your Real Estate focus is a good option for normal employees as well.

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    So of you know all this, just go and do it.. Why are you trying to sell seminars if it works?
    Trump did the same B.S. 20 years ago

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    Who sends you the K1?

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    Where is the video that you promised (10 cheapest cities of the U.S.)?

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    Sadly, even a job is not as secure as it once was, especially these days!!!

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    I lost over $80k when everything started to tank. Not because I was in an exchange that went belly up. I was just stupid to hold and because that’s what everyone said. I’m still responsible. It just taught me to be a better investor now that I understand more of what could go wrong. It took me over two years of being in the market, I’m really grateful I found one source to recover my money, at least $10k profits weekly. Thanks Charlotte Miller

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      She is my family’s personal broker and also a personal broker in many families I’m United States, she’s a licensed broker and a FINRA AGENT in United states

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      Mrs Charlotte Miller has really set the standard for others to follow, we love her here in the UK as she has been really helpful and changed lots of life’s

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      I’m new at this, please how can I reach her?

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      😱 sounds familiar, I have heard her name on several occasions.. and both her success stories in the wall Street journey!

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    I’m favoured financially, Thank you Jesus $32,000 weekly profit regardless of how bad it gets on the economy.

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    $550,000 weekly passive income 📈

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    KEEP giving the money tips

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    It is more profitable to be a go-giver rather than a go-getter.

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