In 20 Years of Practice, Doc Never Saw an A1c go from 10 to NORMAL – Until She met Kris!

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Dennis Pollock interviews Kristine (Kris) Wilcox who shares her powerful story of beating diabetes – the natural way!

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Cameron Long

  • @TheSkite575 says:

    Good morning from Minnesota Dennis

  • @mikamal1672 says:

    Good morning 🙏 🌄

  • @tordkarl says:

    I did to and in only two months. One week of water fast after given the diagnosis at the end of march last year and max two meals a day since then. My doctor says that what I have done is amazing but I say anybody can do it, if motivated.

  • @ThatSuzanneSchmid says:

    Doctors assume diabetics can’t change their situation but many doctors don’t understand what is known about nutrition in 2024. The fact that the doctor has never seen someone lower their A1C to a normal value speaks to their lack of understanding of the effects of diet, exercise, access to monitoring and information on diabetes control.

    Although i never have had an A1C this high, I had the same experience at an ivy league university hospital in a large city. I was not offered a monitor or a diabetes educator despite having great health insurance. I ended up using keto to get my A1C from 6.3 to 5.4. i do use cgm even though i have good diabetes control because my A1C will creep up if i don’t watch it.

  • @onesky8647 says:

    Stress or heavy lifting are factors that raise my blood sugar, it’s indeed not just junk carbs. An occasional half a glass of red wine has the opposite effect of lowering blood sugar. I think it’s an open secret of French cuisine, health and overall well-being.

  • @alanking51 says:

    Another FANTASTIC testimony on low carb diets for diabetics! Thank you Dennis for your videos and starting the Beat Diabetes channel. They are truly an inspiration!

  • @ellen9579 says:

    🥀🥺🥀 Last year, Kris felt unwell and went to see her doctor. After taking a blood test, Kris was advised that her A1C was 10…diabetes diagnosis 🥀🥺🥀 Her doctor wanted to prescribe medication, but Kris chose to focus on lifestyle changes, especially diet, as her first line of defense🥀😶🥀 Kris’ doc was not very encouraging of this decision, statingvthat she had never seen that done before🥀🥺🥀

    🥀👍🥀 Kris changed her diet…Not being hungry and not spiking were her goals…Turning ground beef into a deconstructed egg roll is what Kris initially ate on a daily basis, nothing fancy. 4 months later, Kris’ updated her A1C. It had dropped to 5.6! 🥀👍🥀

    🥀🥰🥀 Per Kris, “I didn’t realize how old and inflamed I felt until I was no longer was no longer inflamed.” 🥀🥰🥀

  • @zohaibjaved995 says:

    I lost my father in January to this disease and I was doing all the search for him, since November last year, however I myself was diagnosed with T2 diabetes on 10 of January this year, and on 17th jan I lost my father, I am on full war with this and watching your vids gives me hope that I can reverse it, Took the challenge and doing everything learned from your vids, BS is under control it used to be above 200+ with A1c of 10.5, I hope to come back and announce something good, I would love if you could tell me which veggies to include in my keto diet, Thank you

    • @slugo915 says:

      🙏you can do it brother! I was diagnosed last August 2023 and by March 1 mine was down to A1c 5. Carbs and walking is what I did. I’ll say a prayer for you. God bless.

  • @slugo915 says:

    Gm morning Dennis! This is another win in our beat diabetes club!😊 May God bless you. 🙏

  • @dcnike820 says:

    Another excellent interview. Thank you.

  • @senidakirby2509 says:

    Hi Dennis!

    I was diagnosed with a blood clot in my calf and that scared me to the point I threw away my candy and I stopped eating fast food. I only ate God’s food am I A1C drop from 10 to 5.6 in 3 months. I had to keep a handle on my car consumption. I learned a lot from your channel. Thank you

  • @ncal2855 says:

    Thanks for saving lives!!

  • @senidakirby2509 says:

    My triglycerides and cholesterol went down. My blood pressure went to normal and I lost 30 lb medications were removed or reduced

  • @silvertree3181 says:

    I am amazed at this doctor’s lackadaisical attitude. I am so glad this lady found what she needed right away. This physician may already be suffering from burnout. As a nurse, for 40+, you see all types. When I became prediabetic over 2 years ago, I went low carb. I was already dabbling with keto at the time. I also looked up on YouTube ( I know right, lol)and looked for another option not dealing with pills. I found you and others which helped a great deal. My Hgb A1C is 5.6. I also put my husband low carb when he became pre-diabetic and he’s also at 5.6. I suspect my current job( nursing at nursing home) doesn’t help, but I am retiring this year. You do so much good sir. You and your wife. I also refer people I know to you. Your approach is simple, easy to understand and follow, and sustainable. Blessings to you and your family. ❤❤❤

    • @bcnubynby4056 says:

      I want to comment on your comment regarding YouTube. I started my journey from diabetes to normal A1C with information I gleaned from the late Dr. Sarah Hallberg, Dennis Pollock, Dr. Jason Fung, Dr. Robert Lustig, Dr. William Davis, Dr. Ken Berry and others, all on YouTube. I have also read their books but all the information is well represented right there on YouTube. While there is a lot of junk on YouTube, it isn’t very difficult to know what is good information and what is not. In my opinion YouTube has done more to deliver the message that diabetes is an option and not an insurmountable condition than any other form. Congratulations on your journey from the land of diabetes to enjoying a healthy lifestyle. BTW, your experience with your Dr. is the exact same as I experienced with mine. They both need to up their game for the benefit of their diabetic patients.

  • @nancydb1390 says:

    Appreciate the interview. Thanks.

  • @scottjackson163 says:

    Her story is a more dramatic example of the same patient-doctor dynamic that I experienced. I went from A1C 7.1 to A1C 5.3 in 79 days – with no help from my PCP. I treated myself using instruction from Dennis and various social media doctors.

  • @linsteele1820 says:

    If everyone had a continuous glucose monitor there would be way less diabetics

  • @bobwestchevelle says:

    Thats exactly what mine did. July a year ago mine was 10.4, January 11 this year it was 5.0 and down 45 lbs at the time, currently 70lbs gone.

  • @juanfermin1841 says:

    I was diagnosed with prediabetes so I changed my diet to vegetables with meat, I drink coffee and tea with Allulose sugar, I Eat keto pizza with almond flour, and my blood sugar levels has been from 96 to 120 for 2 months now, I learn that there are lots of different things that you can eat that will not raise your blood sugar levels.

  • @AngeInFaith111 says:

    Wonderful interview Dennis! Kris’ answers were very detailed. I am curious if she ever used sugar free substitutes or had diet soda.

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