Impending Banking Crash and Hyperinflation – Robert Kiyosaki, Egon von Greyerz

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In the first part of this episode, host Robert Kiyosaki invites businessman Egon von Greyerz to share his insights on the global economy. Egon, with his diverse business experience and global perspective, warns of an impending global banking crash, likening the current economic situation to the fall of the Roman Empire. He criticizes the US's economic policies and expresses concern over high debt levels. Egon suggests that the only short-term solution is printing more money, which he believes will lead to hyperinflation. He recommends investing in physical gold outside the banking system as a means of protection against risk.

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Please read carefully.

This is not financial advice. You may be asking, “What does that mean?”

Let me explain…

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Also, understand that we are REAL teachers. We practice what we preach. With that in mind, we often invest in the very projects that may be mentioned on this show. While it is never our intent, we could possibly profit from others investing in our recommendations.

Take the education we provide but then determine your own actions. If it does not make sense to you, get more education before you invest. We will continue to provide education and there will always be more opportunities.

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