Cameron Long

  • @nickym4007 says:

    Do we all have access to the relevant people he had access to?

  • @mexicanboy92840 says:

    Dude just admitted borrowing other people’s assets and then calls it his own. 😂

  • @Tate_Oftedahl says:

    Camera crew following you helps

    • @terryt2728 says:

      In the first season the first rhing the guy did was go on someone elses property and “salvage” $1000 worth of tires. Haha that’s grand larceny where Im from.

  • @bitchkilla says:

    Bullshit 😂

  • @danield7263 says:

    Let me sell your truck, now my net worth goes up no it doesn’t work like that.

  • @JoshuaFinancialPL says:

    he’s talking out of his assets

  • @FinnIsBroke-li1nz says:

    My man really recorded himself explaining how he stole

  • @joelbelec9032 says:

    Oh ok so get a tv show to hire me to go around taking assets from others. Got it

  • @jaimep456 says:

    What he doesnt say is how he just walked up to people with a camera crew and said ” i dont have a place to stay and i dont want a hand out.” All while looking sad hoping they feel guilty for him.

  • @user-ce7jv1vw1g says:


  • @frankm2385 says:

    That show is 100% staged.

  • @freesbrisbane says:

    C’mon man, being allowed to sleep in one of Ryan’s Trailers and being allowed to drive his wife’s Jeep hardly make them assets you’ve accumulated.

  • @openup254 says:

    The show never ended with 1 or 10 million dollars

  • @openup254 says:

    My man didn’t make it to the end

  • @leonhenry4861 says:

    So basically he takes other people’s assets and then immediately says it’s his and his networth is inflated 😂

  • @fawa.z says:

    You added value to the world.

  • @kleinkbkayb5369 says:

    A man’s progress in life begins in his own mind and ends in the same place.

  • @TheGreenCEO says:


  • @unknownmagic3369 says:

    Wouldn’t have worked without a camera crew tho would it…

  • @user-ls4gx3pf6p says:


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