Husband & Wife Both Diabetic Over 30 Years. He had A1c of 13.5. The tool he used to turn it around.

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Dennis interviews a man who once had a raging glucose level of over 600 mg/dl, whose wife was also diabetic for over 30 years. Now, suddenly, all that has changed.

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Cameron Long

  • @JM21999 says:

    Bless them both!

  • @jameskantor0459 says:

    Yeah Dennis

  • @SimplyHuman186 says:

    Every human being is born in ketosis.

  • @mekon1971 says:

    Nice interview!

  • @ellen9579 says:

    🥀👏🥀 Brad, what an inspiring, powerful and motivating story. You and your wife, both Type 1 Diabetics, turned life around by following a low carb diet combined with exercise, walking for 4 miles every other day, weather permitting 🥀👏🥀

    1. At age 18, Brad felt that his life had fallen apart…His normal weight dropped from 205 to 135 with frequent urination. He was hospitalized, diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, prescribed insulin, and spike to a dietician.
    2. Fast forward 32 years, last year, Brad wanted to lose some weight. His friend started a low carb diet and suggested he do the same. Brad researched Type 1 diabetes, found Dr. Bernstein, Dennis snd others. Initially, he and his wife began walking 4 miles every other day, weather permitting. Then, Brad decided to go low carb. His wife soon followed. Between the two of them, Brad and his wife

  • @ellen9579 says:


    lost a combined 90 lbs.

    As a result of his effirts, Brad, as a T1D, is currently in the 5’s club, with an A1C of 5.7!

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    La paz de Cristo 🙏

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    Greetings from Ethiopia. That was very useful. Thank you, Dennis.

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